What did George W. Bush do?

I'm 15 and I'm always hearing things about George w bush.People say he destroyed America,and didn't help the Katrina victims.I asked my parents this question,and they basically said it was very bad,and he ruined everything.The only thing I remember was when that guy threw shoes at him.So,in conclusion,what was his presidency like?Did you like him?Were Dick Chaney and Condelisa Rice the same way?What were the high and low points?How would you summarize his rein?

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    Funny, nobody I know about talks about GW Bush anymore. If you're still making excuses for the current president 5 years later by blaming Bush - you need to rethink things. Here's my opinion of Bush's 8 years:

    To start he promised to lower taxes to spur on the economy which was in recession after Bill Clinton's do nothing 8 years resulting in the dot com implosion. He did that and the economy (already on the rise) continued to improve, especially in real estate and home finance - I thought that was good

    In order to reduce the immediate impact of lowered taxes on government deficits he and his Secretary of Defense aggressively slashed several military programs deemed "cold war relics" while simultaneously increasing pay and benefits to military servicemen - I thought this was great

    On 9/11 we were attacked by Al Qaeda resulting in 3000 deaths. Within hours Bush was at ground zero talking to the rescue workers who said "We can't hear you" He answered "I hear you! and soon the world will hear you!" within weeks we had identified Al Qaeda as responsible and attacked their safe haven in Afghanistan - I thought that was Great!

    Bush's foreign policy was immediately changed to a war fighting stance and he declared "You're either with us or the terrorists" - I thought that naive but perhaps a useful start over point. He then went on to declare that we couldn't afford another 9/11 - especially with WMDs so he began advocating for stronger measures against the "Axis of Evil" (North Korea, Iran, and Iraq) - I thought that was good - Americans needed to understand the geopolitical situation and this summed it up very clearly

    Both US and British intelligence agreed that Saddam Hussein was hiding WMDs from UN weapons inspectors in violation of international law, Congress armed with this classified info voted to give Bush the power to invade Iraq - which he did with several allies including Great Britain - knowing a little something about how bad Saddam was and likewise convinced that he was intentionally hiding WMDs I thought this was good.

    The US and allies invaded Iraq in the most one-sided spectacular victory ever seen on earth wiped out the Hussein govt within a few months with less than 1000 US casualties. "Bush went to thank the sailors for their hard work (their tour was over) under the banner saying "Mission Accomplished" and rightfully boasted that major combat operations were over" Shortly thereafter Al Qaeda and Hamas terrorists started an insurgency war in Iraq with US forces in between.

    The American death toll rose dramatically, no WMDs had been found, and both the news media and Democrats started a campaign of disinformation to discredit Bush and the war effort. Among others the narrative included that Bush lied about WMDs (which have since been found) to start a war that benefitted his Vice Pres financially (no evidence of that) and so on. The propaganda took on a life of its own thanks to 24 hour news media like CNN and Fox and the internet. Soon he was even blamed for conducting the attacks on 9/11 too. Sadly many Americans believed it!

    New Orleans' democrat government had siphoned federal funds intended to maintain the city's levies into other programs for years. Then Hurricane Katrina - an incredibly powerful storm struck the Gulf Coast. Mississippi got the brunt of the storm but somehow New Orleans got all the attention. The levies having not been properly maintained broke and Lake Ponchartrain flooded the city. Furthermore the state of Louisiana failed to request govt assistance or declare martial law. Bush having been criticized for his appearance at ground zero after 9/11 as a publicity stunt kept his distance from New Orleans waiting for the governor to act - she never did. Bush again was skewered by the democrats and their friends in the news media as not caring about the people of New Orleans - He merely followed the law which gives that power to the states. - I couldn't blame Bush for following the Constitution but it was bad

    Once FEMA began to provide assistance to people of New Orleans he praised his FEMA coordinator for the hard work - but his FEMA coordinator did an awful job and again Bush was skewered by democrats and the press.

    Meanwhile the War in Iraq was not going well, and Usama bin Laden had escaped from Afghanistan into Pakhistan. Out of respect for Pakhistan's sovereignty and international law, Bush failed to pursue bin Laden and he never found him again - that was in my mind bad, Bush took his eye off the ball and failed us.

    Meanwhile, the US economy had rebounded dramatically after the 9/11 attacks and home prices were skyrocketing. New ways to finance homes and bundle mortgages into mutual funds created easy credit for home buyers and a housing bubble ensued. Bush allowed the simultaneous deregulation of banking and govt interference in how banks assessed loan risk. When the bubble burst, it took the financial industry with it. - that was bad.

    Now to answer your questions:

    he destroyed America? Nope, but Obama is well on the way

    didn't help the Katrina victims? Agreed, both Red Cross and FEMA sucked - the Nat'l Guard and Coast Guard were awesome

    it was very bad,and he ruined everything. - that's the propaganda we're fed by democrats

    that guy threw shoes at him. - yes, in Arabic culture they don't respect your president if your own news media says bad things about him.

    So,in conclusion,what was his presidency like? It was a very hard time, he did some things well , others not

    Did you like him? Yes

    Were Dick Chaney and Condelisa Rice the same way? Their both super smart people, but fail to talk to people in a way they can understand

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    Your parents didn't like him so they aren't going to tell you anything good about him. Katrina wasn't his fault, even tho in Florida they blamed him for 3 hurricanes. But they investigated the situation and it was the Gov. and Mayor of LA who had to take the fall for that. Anyways unemployment wasn't high, gas was a lot cheaper, we didn't loose our homes nor our jobs back then and we still had good insurance. As for Iraq, the democrats backed him 100% on it and so did 11 other countries. He wasn't the best but he was by far not the worst, he did a good job for the time he was in, he had a lot to deal with. As for the other two they got attacked by the left also and they were OK.

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    6 years ago

    he didn't start the war in Iraq both the democrats and republicans voted yes on it to start it

    Bush declared he would go after the terrorist

    he sure didn't send soldiers into several country's without congress permission like Obama did

    and he sure didn't force all americans to purchase a product from the govt and if you refused you would get a penalty and fined like Obama did

    and he sure didnt pay lawyers 5 million dollars to keep his records sealed like Obama did

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    He started a war based on a lie

    thousands of americans died

    He increased the national debt by trillions

    signed the patriot act which means gov't

    can moniter anything you do

    He didnt help the Katrina victims; i could go on.

    Dick Cheney is said to be more responsible than him

    I am pretty sure he was more like the president

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  • 6 years ago

    Sorry, Cheyenne, but this is a VERY sensitive question. If you are a conservative, W didn't do anything wrong. If you aren't, he didn't do anything right. Go find a copy of "Fahrenheit 911" and watch it.

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    He started a war based on false information. Yes congress helped him by trusting him and giving up their power to declare war but it was Bush who gave the order to start the Iraq war.

  • Grover
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    6 years ago

    He successfully avoided the draft, along with almost his entire cabinet and VP excluding Powell and Rumsfeld.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Liberals just needed something to whine about. They hate America and freedom.

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    You are Very Good... Thnx For the Laff... =) Have a Star...

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    6 years ago

    George W. Bush had about 3,000 citizens killed so he could make massive profits and used that as an excuse to expand government into a police state similar to nazi Germany. His administration also robbed the federal reserve of trillions of dollars and caused over a million deaths which include our troops and Iraqis.


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  • jimmy
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    6 years ago

    he was a VERY effective conservative President..and Democrats will never forgive him for that!

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