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Which other monarchs have made royal progresses?

Queen Elizabeth I of England made "royal progress" with her court, staying at the homes of the aristocracy. The nobility who were hosts to the queen had to spend vast sums of money to house and feed the queen and her entourage. Though it was a great honor for the nobility to be hosts to the queen, being a host was also a heavy financial burden.

Apart from Queen Elizabeth I, which other monarchs have made royal progresses?

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  • 6 years ago

    It began as a tradition as we know it in Henry VIII's reign so you would need to include him, and the rest of his children. Other monarchs toured their realms, but the Tudors in escaping the insanitary conditions of London ie Whitehall Palace, hit on the idea of decamping the entire court, which was a boon when he had used all the money acquired at the Dissolution, constituted a propaganda campaign (showing off the latest wife), and had the political dividend of all but ruining the hapless hosts. We owe some of the most interesting Prodigy Houses to this age, many of which survive.

    Clara delivers her usual bitter twist - and shows her lack of understanding of history. Progresses were not optional and modern trips are not remotely like royal progresses that the questioner is asking about . Modern royal visits are made at the invitation of host countries who derive benefit from the global interest such trips generate. Countries don't have to issue invitations if they don't want, and royals likewise don't have to accept (and often don't). I'm all for a laugh - but making up twaddle to justify an obvious anti-monarchist bias is what would otherwise be known as trolling - and there is certainly no skill in that.

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    Many of the Royal Courts moved out of London - often to avoid the various epidemics that hit the capital, especially during the Summer. It's not done these days because this doesn't happen (epidemics!!).

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