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Great acting/controlling ur unconsciousness?

So if you search "great acting" in google a list with these names will appear (Robert De Niro , Marlon Brando , Stella Alder , Al Pacino , Constantin Stanislavski ,Daniel Day Lewis , Jack Nickolson , Laurence Olivier , Dustin Hofman , Sanford Meisner , Antony Hopkins ,Philip Seymour Hoffman , Meryl Streep , Heath Ledger , Tom Hanks , Leonardo Dicaprio ,Lee Strasberg , Jack Lemmon ,Paul Newman ,Geoffrey Rush) Of course those are just some great actors but there are a lot of others and one of them is Vivien Leigh who's one of my favorite actresses . I've been wondering though , what is the quality that makes a great actor great . I mean if you had to explain to a child what great acting is what would you say? That acting is pretending realistically that you are someone else . But let me ask you here , if based in scientific proofs a human cannot control his unconsciousness how this actors portrayed with such convenience this characters ? How did they worked with themselves . You can't just sit down, think that you are someone else and become that person so easily , you need a process and if that is something that you get with training how can some actors do it so naturally like Jennifer Lawrence ?

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    6 years ago
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    Fantastic question; first, portraying imaginary characters is no "convenience" for actors. In fact, one way to explain it to a small child would be to say that great actors are the ones who make it look easy. But it is an extremely difficult process, and much of the answers you are looking for should be discovered on your own.

    Acting, by Sandy Meisner's definition, is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. "Great" acting is revealing the full life of the character through those circumstances. And the actor must understand his own unconscious because, to oversimplify it, because it is part of who he is. Consider the Greek maxim, "know thyself." By having a thorough knowledge of self, obtained through many years of training and experience, is how the actors you mentioned got to be great.

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