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Taylen asked in Social ScienceSociology · 7 years ago

do you think the whole world will become more “westernised"?

Like what happened to the Europeans that immigrated to America they anglicised they're last names. They didnt teach their kids they're mother tongue. and they grew up having an American Mentality. Will the whole world become more modern and lose traditional values.??

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    7 years ago
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    That has been happening on different levels in every nation. A simple example would be the fact that most nations wear western clothing(more or less). Specially in their armed forces! but A better question would be: Is that a good thing?

    Personally I love traditional Chinese clothes as well as many types of East Indian clothes. Some people say that western clothes is more efficient specially in the military but I disagree. If u look at the traditional clothes of people of middle east specially the Arab nations, you will discover that they keep people very cool in contrast to jeans and t-shirts. they also decrease the possibility of getting sun burn. cause long white clothes cause a form of air circulation around the body. while Jeans keep in the heat. As for Turbans of different cultures...be it Middle eastern(Arabian or Iranian), East African, Pakistani or The popular Sikh Turbans, what it does is prevent the scalp from a sun burn!! there is no hat that can be nearly as efficient! same applies to the traditional clothes of Inuit people of Northern Canada and Alaska. the way they put on Animal Fur keeps a gap of warm air between their skin and their clothes which keeps them much warmer than the most modern European winter clothes. As for religion, that is a big topic. but clothes is just a small part of this broad subject. and as you can see it is nothing tiny. You'd be surprised to know that many non western people read and know a great deal more about the world than the average devout American Christian would ever bother to do!! Why? cause many westerners have a mentality that cause they have been successful for a few centuries than they have nothing to learn from other cultures. This is a terrible ignorance. and has gone hand in hand with many racist problems.


  • Bobo
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    7 years ago

    Western culture is already evident around the world. I think it will continue with certain objection in places like Iran where the ruling religious mullahs make a concerted effort to stop the influence of western culture. An equilibrium will eventually take place with a blend of cultures including clothing, religion, and customs.

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