I want to use a 1 tb drive with my PS3...?

... but when I try to format it to FAT32 via command prompt C:\ Windows >Format /FS FAT32 M: where M equals the drive in question, I get that the drive is too big. If I partition the drive into two parts of 500Gb, then format them as FAT32, will the PS recognize this? Will it count it as two drives showing up on the home screen? Will it tell me to go get bent? What will be the likely result?


Thanks, Opurt...

Update 2:

Thanks, Opurt...

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  • opurt
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    6 years ago
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    Windows itself will not format a hard drive or partition larger than 32 GB as FAT32. You download and use a FAT32 formatting utility to do it.

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  • 6 years ago

    The program you want to look for is 'Swiss Knife', this will allow you to format any size to FAT32.

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