Moving, traveling by bus, down east coast.. Tips please?!?!?

I'm moving, traveling by bus, down the east coast to move in with family down south. Planning on bringing a bookbag filled with clothes, a laptop, book of paper and pen... any other good ideas or tips?

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    7 years ago
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    Ship your stuff. Travel light. If you cannot squeeze into a tight coach lavatory with your

    carry-on baggage you carry too much risk. Avoid conversation and eye contact unless

    addressed by paid facility services. Carry your cash, ID, and other valuables inside a

    buttoned secured upper front torso pocket or under the clothing within a zippered belt.

    Dip into another pocket for small change under $20 total. Do not loan anything. With

    luck your worst problem will be a screaming infant for half the trip. Got ear-plugs ?

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