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Is Jc Caylen Dating Lia Marie Johnson?

Hey guys, I was watching jenn's and jc's old "What girls do that guys hate" and in the comments they said that jc was dating lia. In his latest video he was at Lia's house. "In bed with Jc Caylen" was where lia is heard in the video. I really don't know because I was totally gonna ship jenn and jc #Jc Penny

But yeah, are they? If so go deeper into the topic. Thank you!

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    Yes, Jc is dating Lia. He revealed that he was dating her through a post on instagram. They've been dating for around 4 months now, but made it public about a month ago. Also, in the video Jc was visiting Lia in San Diego, so yeah it was her.

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    I hope there not but when lia kissed Cameron dallas or the movie she looked like he liked it more then kissing jc so i think they should break up and jcpenny is so cute together lia need to get out of his life and go date cameron dallas btw I don t know what jc see inlia and she sucks at singing but if he is happy we should letthim be happy with that ugly non singing hobo

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    no:( if you true JC Caylen and Lia Marie Johnson fans have been paying attention to their individual tweets, they are pretty grim and to confirm, Jia is broken up for good.

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    Not anymore!! I'm so heartbroken! Does anyone know who JC or Lia are dating now? Why did they break up?

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    yes they are but im kinda mad cause i think that jc caylen and jenn look so cute together and would make a cute couple but if hes happy then thats what we should be

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    6 years ago

    I hope you all know that Jenn and Jc are best friends! They never had a thing.

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    Yeah, they are. This makes me upset because I think that Jenn and Jc are perfect together. But whatever makes him happy

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