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How is Mozilla firing their CEO legal?

How is it Mozilla can fire someone because they oppose gay marriage and believe in the Bible? Why is it okay for Christians to be treated unfairly but not any other religion? Now I know he wasn't fired, but he was told to step down, which is pretty much the same thing. Not trying to start an argument, just want an answer.

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    Mozilla is a private company.

    And as you pointed out, technically he was not fired, he resigned. And it was a result of pressure from Mozilla’s employees and developers, rather than from outside advocacy groups.

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    6 years ago

    They bowed to pressure from the radical gays.

    The CEO donated $1,000.00 towards Prop. 8 in California, 4 years ago.

    In their statement, they said that they recognize all diversity and respect the rights of all of their employees.

    Except if it pis$es off the Gays.

    So much for tolerance for all opinions!

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    They didn't fire him. He resigned. Meaning he quit. It was his choice. He decided that it was the best thing to do.

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