Does Mexico belong to the Native Americans too?

I keep hearing Native Americans say that they're the indigenous people of North America which consist of Canada,U.S and Mexico. Do Native American feel that Mexico belongs to them too? How long until the Native American start claiming our country?


@aleah- it would help if native-Americans specified on their argument cause their geographical ignorance of north America includes Mexico.

Update 2:

aleah- Well you do realize the Mexican-Aboriginal are also North American Indians. I wish you Native American would better your terminology so you won't include Mexican-Indians.

Update 3:

@smile- The southwest did belong to Mexico,idiot. however what makes you think Mexico wants the Southwest back? It's too over crowded with non-Mexicans.

Update 4:

@smile- The southwest did belong to Mexico,idiot. however what makes you think Mexico wants the Southwest back? It's too over crowded with non-Mexicans.

Update 5:

@aleah- What makes you think we want to be included with you Native-Americans, My argument is that you should come up with new terms so you won't included Mexican-Indians in your north-American manifesto

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    No. Mexico is for the Amerindians of Mexico and the citizens of that country. When natives say North America they mean Canada and the United States. We don't give a f*ck about Mexico.

    Edit: Well understand that we never include Mexicans when we say North American natives or Native North American. It's a term that unites Canadian and American natives ONLY. Latin American countries are not included even though i am aware of the geographical area Mexico is technically located. We don't claim anything to do with you people. You always ask pathetic questions relating to Native Americans. Why don't you ever think about your own Mexican people?

    btw we said natives to mean only natives of federally recognized tribes then Mexicans started saying they were natives too. Then Native American. Mexicans started claiming they were Native Americans too. Then we said Native North Americans and American Indian but they jumped into our terms too. We always meant to EXCLUDE MEXICANS. Now f*ck off. Btw when i say natives i mean people of federally recognized tribes which you Mexicans have nothing to do with but Mexicans always try to use our terms to refer to themselves too. You have your own terms aka Amerindian, mestizo, Mexican. We never claim to be Amerindians. We only claim to be natives. Stop associating you people with our terms. Also our mixes are not called mestizo either. They are called half natives or metis.


    What makes you think we want to be included with you Mexicans?

    • Specifically when you said "Mexicans" are mean because they don't acknowledge their Native American linage for their own benefits. You don't even see them as equals. You're contradicting yourself.

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    Ok Mexico has its own land and indians. Anything north of mexico we have native Americans in the usa and its always been like that. Natives on American side have always been in the southwest and west, like Apache, Navajo, etc they are original people of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, utah, Colorado, California etc way before America and Mexico were fighting the Alamo. Natives Americans live on reservations and lost a lot of land in these parts of the USA. They never say they belong or want territory from Mexico bc they werent there. Its mexicans who try and say Texas is theirs and the Southwest, always crying about it, technically it would belong to native Ameeicans before any mexican or country. The fact is , history is history and Native Americans have moved on and its Mexicans who havent bc they just want rights to America, which will never happen.***aleah is correct and Spain was in mexico so mestizos is a different breed than native Americans.

    Source(s): @Larry....native indians didnt live as one big nation and werent peaceful they fought over land like Europeans fought for clans. So territories of land is different than belonging to a country. Indians north to what is now Mexico, originally belonged to navajo,Apache, commanche etc...which arent in the territories of mexico. Its a question he asked and the answer is, native Americans know where there land is and no they dont want mexico. Only mexico wants rights over our Natives.
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    What do you mean claiming your land. The original native Americans didn't understand the concept of owning land as property. That's why when the some of the Europeans came and tried to buy the land from the natives the natives were like sure. Because to them selling land was like selling air. They thought nothing would change. Darker toned Mexicans are genetically more Native American then the more European looking Mexicans. So what's there to claim? They're already living in Mexico. And besides why would a northern Native American whose ancestors never stepped foot in Mexico want to claim it?

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    Aleah you obviously do give a lot of fck about mexico considering you're always answering questions and asking questions on them

    what a hypocrite.

    @Larry mexico is in North America you idiot. Not central america

    I doubt you're even Mexican and most Mexicans are not native to mexico since most of them are mestizos.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes, Mexican Americans have a lot of Native American ancestry.

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