goldfish question?

why does my Black Moore swim to the top and does what looks like breech for air? every time he does this i see an air bubble after he swims away. i had an Oranda that did this and he just died from what we think was swim bladder. i dont want to see the same thing happen to him. whats he doing? do i need to get him anything? i have filtration in the tank and a heater but the heater is not being used right now


the heater is only there to provide warmth during the winter months here other then that its unplugged

Update 2:

@Jordan what do you mean by pump?

Update 3:

i went out and got a Tetra brand air pump, also got an aeration kit which included 9ft tubing 2 air stones and a couple T connectors that also have a valve i can regulate air flow....the Black Moore does not come to the surface that much anymore, but i noticed my Comet Goldfish has become lethargic. i checked them at 11 at night so maybe they are tired? im still new with fish so kinda learning as i go thanks for the info guys..BTW i have the tube with airstone in the water on bottom of tank

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  • 7 years ago

    Do you have a pump? How big is your tank?

    *You mentioned having a filter, which is great. I didn't see anything about having a pump though, which spreads oxygen throughout your tank. Just wanting to make sure your fish has enough air in order to rule that out as a possible cause for your fish swimming up to the surface.

  • Sarah
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    7 years ago

    Get a powerhead at the surface to move the water. The more surface action, the more oxygen in the tank. It will also draw up and carbon dioxide that may be resting at the bottom.

    Keep temps at 72 max. The colder the water, the more oxygen it holds.

    Take your lid off. It can trap carbon dioxide, inhibiting oxygen from entering the water.

    Have 20 gallons per fish, double filtration.

    Test your ammonia (0), nitrite (0) and nitrate (under 30ppm, 20 is better). Do daily 50% water changes if there is an issue. More if levels are really high (over 1ppm).

    Good luck!

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