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ESO addons ?

Where do you guys get ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) addons and mods ? What website would you recommend to find most useful ESO addons for PvP, PvE, raids, ESO quest-trackers etc? Especially I'm looking for damage meter (recount) as I'm just starting to run some dungeons. Please help :)

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    I use http://www.esocore.com/ to get all my addons for ESO, it is very convenient, because it literally has every ESO addon and mod that has been released to date. All of their addon downloads are linked to official resources which means that they are always up to date and compatible with the latest version of Elder Scrolls Online.

    I have tried different sites, but I found that they do not have all of the addons available and I had to browse through different places to find them, whilst http://www.esocore.com/ has all of them in one place which really reduces the hassle of searching around the internet.

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    Source(s): World of Warcraft Guide http://sparkindl.info/WorldOfWarcraftGuides
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    The only addon I have used so far is a leveling addon, it has helped me level up my Nightblade to 20 already, it has a built in guide with waypoint arrows and dynamic quest tracker that show you where to go and what quests to do to help you level up faster.

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