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(1) 我想要發明時光機可以隨時想停止時間就停止,可以回去過去讓自己長高一點,考試如果考不好,可以再考一次試,讓自己的成績都很好,可以上最好的學校,拿獎學金回來給父母

(2) 我都相信他們的存在,尤其是鬼,也可能是因為是亞洲人的關係,覺得人如果心有怨念而死亡一定還會在那個地方徘徊,也有很多傳言可以看到鬼,甚至身邊的人都有遇到過

(3) 因為自己金錢不足,沒有時間也沒有空間,最後選擇了放棄,應該想好自己有沒有能力才能養寵物,讓自己照顧好自己才可以再負擔寵物的人生



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    I want when the invention the X-ray machine may want the stand-by time as necessary to stop, may go back lets oneself long high, if the test tests not well, may again test one time to try, to let own result very be all good, may on the best school, take the scholarship to come back to give the parents


    I all believe their existence, in particular clever, also possibly is because is Asian's relations, thought the human if the heart has the resentment to read died certainly also can pace back and forth in that place, also has very many rumors to be possible to see the ghost, even side people all have have met


    Because own money is insufficient, does not have the time also not to have the space, finally has chosen the giving up, should think good own do have ability to be able to raise the pet, lets oneself look after own only then to be possible again to bear the pet the life

    (以上為自己依照樓主問題所做的翻譯 希望有幫助到喔!)

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