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請問besides和in addition


二者雖均譯為"此外", 但in addition用於正面的情況, besides用於負面的情況,

如:John is handsome. Besides, he is helpful. (X)

John is handsome. In addition, he is helpful. (O)

John is ugly. Besides, he is selfish. (O)

我查了字典, 都沒看到有這樣的說法,

請大家告訴我, 正確用法,

besides和in addition能否通用???


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    1. 不但, 而且, 又 (in addition to)

    ex: These shoes are expensive; besides, they are too small.

    這些鞋子不但貴, 而且也太小了.

    2. 除...之外, 此外

    ex: except myself, and a few besides

    除我之外, 另外還有幾個人


    1. 除...之外, 加上... (in addition to)

    ex: I have another bag besides this.

    除了這個以外, 我還有另一個皮包.

    2. [用於否定句, 疑問句]...之外, 除了... (except)

    ex: He has nothing besides his salary.

    除了薪水以外, 他沒有任何收入.

    In addition

    加上(as well)

    ex: give five pounds in addition


    in addition to

    除...外又(as well as)

    ex: I gave him ten pounds in addition to his salary.


    "besides" and "in addition" are both transition words/phrases.

    Besides often suggests that the addition is in the nature of an afterthought.

    In addition 比較沒有負面或正面的意思, 常用於有討論性質的文章(

    persuasive essay).

    Source(s): 英文字典
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