Should I read Game of Thrones before watching?

I started reading "A Game of Thrones" on March 6th with the intent of reading the first three books, and watching the first three seasons before the April 6 premiere. But I fell behind and now it's the Thursday before the Sunday premiere and I've read the first two books and watched the first 14 (out of 30) episodes. I calculated that I could catch up to the show within 2-3 weeks (I'll be up to date by the time the 3rd episode of season 4 comes out), but that's if I read the 3rd book (1100 pages) & watch the 16 episodes I have left.

However, if I skip the 3rd book for now, I could be up to date by this time next week, and I'd just read the book after.

So basically, should I spend extra time reading the book but then not be up to date as quickly, or should I go all the way and read it first, even if it means it will take longer?


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    7 years ago
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    I';d suggest forgetting about the 4th season for now, keep reading the books and watching the first three seasons until you've finished all the books. I found the books I read before watching them in the show to be much more enjoyable and because of the way the 4/5th books are written the next season will contain more or less equal amounts of scenes from both of them. You can always watch the 4th season later, and if you keep reading the books you won't have to worry much about hearing spoilers since you'll be ahead of the show within a couple weeks.

    @Beefcakes - I doubt it, the writers for the show will have a very hard time keeping up the quality of the show without all the material to draw from. They'd have to have a different ending aswell since they don't know the details of the planned ending and George probably won't let them use what they do know if he hasn't published it yet. It seems more likely that they'll take a year off between seasons 6 and 7 or 7 and 8 to wait for the last book or stretch out book 6 into two seasons.

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    7 years ago

    I personally prefer watching the show first. Any other case I'd always prefer reading the books first, but not really in this instance. With the past seasons and books, I read the book in-between episodes. I'm a fast reader and wanted to know what happened so sometimes I'd read ahead of where the tv show was at. Or other times I'd fall behind reading and I'd be ahead in the show. But I enjoy knowing what's going to happen in the books since they're really dense, so it makes the reading a little easier. I'm waiting to read the fourth book until I start watching the fourth season. The books and tv show aren't complete parallels, but it's fairly close.

    So it's up to you. It sort of depends on whether you want to spoil the books or the show. Either way, I think it'll be equally enjoyable. The third book was my favorite.

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    7 years ago

    The books are good, but they take forever to come out. At this rate, the show will probably finish before the book series.

    Lol, sounds like Michael is in denial. HBO/the showrunners have already stated that they have met with GRRM and know how the series will end, that the show won't go over 8 seasons, and that they definitely aren't taking a year off or doing a prequel season. The main issue here is that the younger actors are all growing up, while in the books they've aged only a few years.

    GRRM usually takes 5 years for each book. The last book (A Dance with Dragons) was released in 2011, with the next book (Winds of Winter) being far from completion. The show will probably catch up with the books by next season (5), or the one after (season 6). If GRRM can get Winds of Winter out by next year, that'll give him only two years max to finish the last book in the series, A Dream of Spring (i.e. forget about it)

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    I didn't find them to be very good reads. I read a lot of dense stuff, but these just didn't do it for me. I do enjoy the show, though.

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