Good name for comic book characters?

I am writing a comic book issue right now, and I need names for assassins in a story I'm currently penning.

The story follows: Mercenary Knight Wield, my main character, is contacted to meet a deciding client on top of a building on New Years Eve. When he arrives there, he sees other namely assassins of the town are also there, as well a mobile attached to a speaker. It announces to the men that who ever successfully kills the rest of the men by New Years day, by 8:00 A.M, will be contracted to a handsome paycheck of 100K. With all the men strapped for money, the problem splinters when they are told that with they're all been poisoned through food. With the cure is in the reward, inspiring the men further to fight.

Also, not to come off rude, but I'm not asking for critiques of the story, as I have a spent a LOT of time writing the comic, with a lot of writing partner's and I doing our best to avoid it of further cliches. I personally feel that a writer can have a cliche set up, if they have good character, story, and a good villain.

The way I am going to maneuver it is I will cherry pick the best names, if I'm fortunate enough to get more than one answer from each response, and I guess whichever has the most consecutive amount of good names I'll choose.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ooh Assasins! *que dramatic song*

    Well it is comical so you can just play off words that relate to assasins:




    Sneakers (could be funny and cracking jokes too)

    Stelve (Steve and Steal Combo XD)


    Blacki (please don't choose this one it sounds racist, it's not meant to be)



    Others that I'm making up on the fly:









    Making up names is as easy as choosing a consonant you like (M, Y, D, K...) and putting a random sound in the middle (oo, out, har, esku, arb) and then ending with a vowel or S works great.

    I'll leave the genders up to you.

    Also, remember that with asassins, they could have secret identities, meaning the public might come up with nicknames for them, since they don't know their real names (The Dark Hood, The Midnight Knives, ect...).

    Source(s): That thing in between my ears :)
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    League of eliminators

    Killer Knight

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Eric Slash, he uses anything sharp and is a gentleman

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