(State of Florida) Leaving job; Eligible for unemployment?

I am a teacher at a charter school in the state of Florida, and I am aware that under most circumstances one is not eligible for unemployment after leaving a job. However, I have done some research* and I believe there is good cause to leave. I will be contacting my local unemployment office to seek professional counseling, but could use a second opinion.

Do you think the following reasons are good cause to quit a job?

* My cell phone was stolen from my desk. The employer failed to provide a desk with locking drawers, or a safe place to leave personal belongings for employees.

*Employer also failed to investigate after being informed that the item had gone missing, as well as the hour/class in which the theft could have occurred.

* I am now required to call the entire middle school once per month, but the administration has done nothing to ensure records are updated

*I am required to document chronic absenteeism among students, and submit the appropriate forms, yet the records department is so inundated that the forms for such issues cannot be processed.

*Classroom discipline issues receive minimal support from administration, students who are written up are sent back to continue disrupting class making instruction ineffective.

*The school has lost 5 teachers this year alone.



I do not see why I should suspect that everyone of my 8th graders is a thief, nor am I certain any of you bothered to read past the first section. Theft is a class 3. If I made any mistake, it was entrusting personal issues to the greater, insensitive, hypocritical, generally useless, public.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Probably not...technically you have no need to have a cell pone at work so by bringing one, you risk having it stolen. All of the other stuff (forms, not processing, etc.), while frustrating, is not sufficient under the good cause attributable to the employer - those things are not creating a dangerous workplace and certainly turnover is expected.

  • 7 years ago

    No, you are absolutely not eligible for unemployment. A reasonable person would not quit a job because their cell phone was stolen and the employer failed to investigate. A sane, rational person would not leave valuables or personal belongings in an unlocked desk. The fact that you do not like some parts of your job is irrelevant. Quit your job only if you have money in the bank to support yourself. You are not being laid off through no fault of your own. You are choosing to stop working and earning a paycheck. You will be unemployed by personal choice and you will not qualify for unemployment.

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    I dont see the issue, you could easily have kept your phone in your pocket if concerned. For some reason you put it in a unlocked drawer, then tried blaming others for your mistake.

  • Judy
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    7 years ago

    No, pretty much no chance you'd be approved.

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