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My dad is paranoid that the government or someone gets into our personal computer?

My home computer recently stopped working. It's happened one time before this one. My dad says it's that the government can get into your computer and they do something to it. And he's paranoid that they are controlling what people do and spying on everyone. I've heard that they can spy through webcams, but we don't even have one. My dad says he's going to fix it, but he's not going to connect it to our wifi, believing that that's where the problem comes from. But this all makes no sense, because if they want to spy on us, why would they brake it? I think my dad is overreacting and it gets annoying

So, my question is, can other people get into your personal computer and watch what you're doing? And do something to make it stop working? And with what purpose?

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    I hate to tell you this, but the NSA really does spy on EVERYTHING. It's usually for the purpose of corporate espionage / terrorism, etc... but they do have that capability.

    You can read about it in something called the NSA ANT Catalog.

    I doubt, however, that they're interested in how many times your dad picks his nose.

    Edit: To show you how serious the NSA are about this stuff, they were literally hijacking PC shipments so that they could install spyware on them.

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    It's not paranoia. The word paranoia is often inappropriately used, but that's half the job of the spy agency done, convincing the majority that the minority are paranoid and/or insane. I haven't got tape on my webcam lens for no reason, let's just leave it there.

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    YES they can get into your computer & if you have a camera they can even see you. They would not normally give you a virus to break your machine as they don't want you to know when they are watching you..

    If they want to then they can.

    Don't forget the cel phone and house phone but the easier of the two is your cel.


  • John W
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    Back in the mid nineties, hackers started applying patches and updates to fix problems on the computers that they hacked and that became one of the ways to identify when you were being hacked. You pretty much need to record how to reinstall your system and the software that you use in order to deal with being hacked.

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    The whole system has built-in surveillance back-doors galore it is often alleged. And computers can in given circumstances be hacked by both governmental agencies and by others e.g. hackers . However that wouldn't mean that crashes have to be down to sabotage.

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    Your Dad is right. The government is snoopy.

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