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Already racked by geopolitical crises from Ukraine to North Korea, the world doesn't need a new cold war between China and Taiwan. But Ma's miscalculation provides a chance for him to start fresh. He should try harder to sell his vision for expanding the 2010 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement that led to this controversial services deal. Where differences emerge, he should tweak the pact accordingly. In case Ma forgot, that's how democracy works.


Is China Losing Taiwan? -Bloomberg View


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    How this "2010 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" shall be translated needs the original Chinese version. I just translate it according to my own understanding.

    2014-04-02 12:07:05 補充:

    他想要推銷自己對2010年經濟合作框架協議的觀點, 也得費力點

    ==>他想要推銷自己的觀點對擴大2010年經濟合作框架協議, 也得費力點

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    he should tweak the pact accordingly:

    tweak = 調整

    "pact" shall be referred to "2010 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement". i.e. "pact" means "agreement".

    2014-04-02 12:16:21 補充:

    In my translation I use "改變", because whether it is "改變" or "調整" is according to a person's point of view.

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    我聽到有人說我是 "孽種",(註: 壞胚)

    只因為我不懂為什麼 Z>B, 我的 Z 總是排在最後。而Big Brother 老是躲在 Authority之後。


    因為我是 "孽種", born to be bad.


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    If you're going to Taiwan this spring

    Be sure to wear sunflowers in your hair

    For those who come to Taiwan this spring

    Springtime will be a love-in there

    In the streets of Taiwan this spring

    Gentle people with flowers in their hair

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    All across the island, such a strange vibration

    People in motion

    There's a whole generation with a new explanation

    People in motion, people in motion

    For those who come to Taiwan this spring

    Be sure to wear sunflowers in your hair

    (Altered from "San Francisco" Lyrics)

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