Is 24GB SSD Worth it?

I'm going to buy a new laptop Hp Envy 15 - J138TX with 1TB HDD & 24 SSD. OS will be pre-installed on SSD, but my question is, Is 24GB SSD Worth it? I mean almost all the Softwares/Programs by Default are installed to the OS Directory, so how will 24GB carry all those programs? Will it eventually annoying for me, if it forces me to install a lot of programs to other drives when this 24GB SSD is full?

I've another similar laptop in consideration (HP Envy 15 J039TX), the only difference in the 2 is, this one don't come with an SSD & it only has a 1TB.

My Question is, Shud I get this one, to avoid the annoyance of such Small 24GB SSD? I actually don't want the hassle of changing paths & install a lot of programs to other drives.


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  • 6 years ago
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    If the SSD is setup as a cache drive, then you won't have to worry about constantly moving things on and off of the SSD. If it's not then it will get annoying, and probably isn't worth the hassle IMHO.

    Also I think this question is in the wrong category.

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  • Bob
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    6 years ago

    even though you can only use it for your OS, your system will still be much faster than without the SSD

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