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When was the last time the Philippines was struck by a major earthquake?

I'm talking about one 6.0 or more. Little ones happen all the time. Most of the time they are out in the deep part of the ocean.

I think there was one recently as last year or so that did a lot of damage.

There has been a lot of seismic activity recently in The Ring of Fire. Not the minor damage kind but some heavy rock and rolling. We had one here in So Cal last week that really shook things up. There was a more recent one in northern Chile last night. It triggered a Tsunami.

The Philippines sits directly on The Ring of Fire. If you care to look it up.

There is more seismic activity in The Ring of Fire than anywhere else in the world.

There are major and minor fault lines throughout the Philippines. There are active and dormant volcanoes in the Philippines.

I think people should have an awareness of this and be prepared ahead of time, just in case.

Could someone please post a map of The Ring of Fire for those unaware of it.

Thank You

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    I heard about the earthquake in SoCal, fresh from my cousin's FB posts that evening from La Palma. We don't have big quakes yet for this year. Last year we had two:

    - Nov 3, 2013 - Mw 6.0, Sultan Kudarat

    - Oct 15, 2013 - Mw 7.2 with epicenter in Sagbayan, Bohol.

    - Three magnitude 6.0 and above jolted Surigao del Norte from Aug to Sept 2012.

    The Ring of Fire - it's being taught in grade school science class, posting a link may not be necessary. Earthquakes happen frequently here (see the link below), so people are well aware of that. In Metro Manila, a local news channel has repeatedly aired a special report about earthquakes and other natural calamities. I think title is "Ground Zero". There's a study that says the West Valley Fault in Luzon might be due for a "Big One" about Mw 7.2. Major movements are observed every 200-400 years (ave. is 350) and last movement was about year 1800's. Big cities are preparing. I just don't know how they will deal with highly populated residential areas since the study estimates biggest damage/casualties in those areas. I remember in Bohol, it's not the high rise buildings that are damaged badly but the residential areas.

    Tsunamis are not so common, but possible. We have trenches left and right. The last big tsunami hit Mindoro (eastern side facing the Pacific) in the 90's, about 6m high. Never heard of any that happened in the Manila bay area. PHIVOCS already listed some areas that are tsunami-prone based on simulations, with predictions on how high is the estimated level of water.

    Because of the threat posed by the West Valley, and the destruction caused by the 2011 Japan tsunami, government agencies and LGU's are doing better preparations today, though if people won't hid to warnings and make preparations themselves like inspecting their house for weak structures, casualties may not be avoided.

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    Yes maybe, some Pinoys prefer to kneel and pray than to go for historical information.

    I’ve read that ph also checked if there’s a tsunami threat in the country after last night in Chile I don’t know but I’m more nervous and concern about the issues of China with the Ph than any natural disasters out there just sharing

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