So a 65 kg hiker eats a 250cal snack?

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A 65 kg hiker eats a 250 calorie snack. Assuming his body converts this snack with an efficiency of 25%, what change in altitude could this hiker achieve by hiking up the side of a mountain before completely using the energy in a snack. One food calorie is equal to 4186 joules.

I have converted calories to Joules, but I'm a little lost on the rest of the problem.

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  • 6 years ago
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    "I have converted calories to Joules"


    "an efficiency of 25%"

    So take 25% of your number. That's the energy he has available.

    "what change in altitude"

    The relationship between altitude and energy is E = mgh. In going up height h, he burns energy mgh. You know m, you know g, you know E.

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