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    A: Hey there, I'm Matt Wood and I just learned sports stacking with speed stacks. So today we're at the ESPN X-Game Skatepark to learn how to stack. Now I'm new with this too so don't worry, I'll learning right along with you. Well, we have a ton of information to cover, so, let's get to it. Let's go meet our trainer Jenny Vieira. Jenny is 16 years old and a junior in high school. She plays basketball and has been sports stacking for three years. Jenny is not only on the speed stack demo team but she's also on the fastest sports stacking team in the world with current world champ, Emily Fox.

    A: Hey Jenny!

    B: Hi Matt, it's great to be here, we have tons of fun and excitement in store for everyone today. so are you ready to get started?

    A: Are you kidding, I was born ready, but before you break it down for us and show us how to stack, why don't you show us some of your best stuff?

    B: Sure Matt.

    A: Wow, that was awesome!! But you don't expect me or the folks at home to be able to do that quite yet, do you?

    B: Oh yeah!! anybody can stack, doesn't matter what your age or your athletic abilities are, speed stacks are all about using both sides of your brain and body, improving eye-had coordination, ambidexterity, plus speed and concentration.

    A:Wow, so, so that makes sense. And even when I'm playing basketball or volleyball or even these skaters back here. They use both sides of their bodies, both hands and I'm sure that helps out with hand and eye coordination.

    B: It sure does!!

    A: Where do we start?

    B: Well, there three things you want to remember. Start slow, always think about what you're doing, and use both of your hands.

    A: So uh... is there anything we need to know or...?

    B: Well, I started with my right hand because I'm right handed. So most right handers like to leave with their right hand.

    A: That makes sense, and I bet you all the lefties leave with their left hands.

    B: Exactly!! Now since you're home and facing us, we want you to pretend that you're looking into a mirror.

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    B: we're gonna act as though this is our right hand and this is our left hand. and so most of you are right handed, all... almost all of my instructions will be done with my right hand.

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    A: So lefties, you know what that means. Do what you normally have to do, and reverse everything that she says.

    B: And right-handed or left-handed, don't worry!!! You'll catch on quickly.

    A: I sure hope so, how do we start out?

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    B: Well, a table or counter top works, or use the floor if you're more comfortable, as long as it's a flat surface. or if you have a stack mat, use that!!!

    The three basic stacks are: 3 stack, the 6 stack and the 10 stack.

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    These stacks using combination make up the very currents in sports stack.

    A: And remember, use both hands, your right and your left.

    B: Good, now let's look at the three stack

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    Yoyo, 又被罰嗎?


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