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Does anyone else hate this swag culture?

all this eyebrow plucking, thin sideburns, diamond earings, jordans, lil wayne, swag yolo bullshit really makes me want to blow my ******* brains out and hopefully ill be reborn in the 50s or some **** far away from any of this degeneracy. am i just a hater or something? i just take pride in my country and in myself so its sad to see whats happening to my generation

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    I don't like it either. Everyone is like exactly the same and they are almost all shallow and only care about what you are wearing or how much money you have, not how much fun you are having.

    Source(s): I live in this generation.
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  • 6 years ago

    I totally agree that y im thinkin a moving to another country in Latin America..Adios Americanos..No more Mylie Cyrus, or thug Rap or thug culture influences on mainstream america and all the violence and deviant mentality that goes with it This generation is 2 obsessed with either perfection in themselves n other people or livin in a thug culture and the attack on God and Christianity..This generation is Godless, lacks any sense of decency with twerking n thug culture n violence viewed as mainstream.. Ther is no sense of good values in this generation..How can it be with mainstream influences like Mylie Cyrus and most of the gangsta thug rap culture which both would have been considered xtreme deviant behavior and even by some people tday but alot if not most of people 2day idolize these influences and deemed acceptable..What ever happened 2 people sense of morals and decency?...What does that say bout a society when so many view these acts of violence with a mainstream thug culture and deviant behavior with an epedemic of sex addicts, high promoscuity as ok or normal!??????????..not 2 mention the amounts of drug addicts n the violence that go along with that type of lifestyle...This stuff was round in the 50s but was very few and the people who were deviants and drug addicts were not mainstream and considered outcasts or embarrasments 2 their families, if even their friends n families knew bout such behaviors... people had sense of what was right n wrong as a general rule and alot more than what they do now..Oh by th way, ima persian gulf war Navy Vet .

  • 6 years ago

    Word, yo. Banger thug life has no value. ask one of them, He''l be proud to tell you it's about the green, Yo.

    Mo money Mo money Mo money! Haterz hate the life, the bling, the swag, the mac, even the benjies.

    Yo Don't be a hater the thugs whine

    ...but why not, I mean what's to like about gangster world, the tattoos? The baggies? The hoodies? I never wanted to suck meth from a straw or spend six hours a day taking a toothbrush to my Nikes. I'm not jealous of the guys and girls who bang the gang either.I would say yes. Swag culture cultivates haters, You don't even have to specify what you hate./ Proclain that you are a hater, and everyone will know what you mean.

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  • Zer0
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    6 years ago

    Yes, back to the 50's when the USA should have more "pride"... right... because Jim Crow wasn't still active up until 1965... no... no it wasn't.. (sarcasm).

    I don't "hate" "swag culture", I don't like it, but why I would my time hating it? You're truly ignorant tho if you think the USA was a better county in the 1950's then it is now, especially if you're just gunna judge the style of clothing people dress in.

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      you miss the point.

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