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Sade asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 7 years ago

Ancestry DNA Test?

I recently took a DNA test through I wanted to know if the results was based off of my paternal or maternal side. Could it be both?

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are 4 types of DNA. Everyone has 2 sex chromosomes. Since I assume you are a female and if you have ovaries you received X from your father and X from your mother. There are some females that get a Y from their father but those females do not have ovaries. All males get a Y from their father and X from their mother..

    You have 44 Autosomes and that is what most of your DNA is and that is what is used in the so called ethnicity testing or a test on your overall ancestry along with the X.

    Mitochondrial is not in the nucleus your cells but in the cytoplasm outside your cell. It is passed from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughter pass it to the next generation.

    Now for years people have used Y & Mitochondrial in genealogy. With each they will assign you to a Haplogroup and show you the origin of your ancestors going way way back. However it really isn't any good to give you a picture of your overall ancestry as you get each from only one person in each generation you go back. You have 32 great great great grandparents. If a male had both tested by the time he got back to those 32 gr gr gr grandparents, 30 of them will be excluded from the results. You probably only have Mitochondrial and if you had it tested 31 of them will be excluded from the results. I think this is what Dan feels you had.

    Autosomal better represents your overall ancestry but it is more complicated. You get Autosomal 50-50 from both parents but not necessarily 25% from each of your 4 grandparents. You got 50% from your paternal side and 50% from your maternal side but there can be a bias on what you inherited from grandmother and grandfather on both sides of the family. How you might have inherited any bias will not be how your siblings inherited unless you have an identical twin. What happens when your parents passed on the Autosomal they received from their parents to you it went through a process where it was randomly jumbled and recombined. Autosomal determines your "looks" genetically as well as any alleles for health issues you might have.

    Now it has been reported if you go to more than one company to have the overall ancestry testing your results will not be the same. There are no Haplogroups with Autosomal. The only thing companies can do is match you with population samples in their database. Since one might not have or be deficient in certain population samples another has and vice versa you can see how the results would vary.

    I feel DNA testing for ancestral background is only useful if you are involved in traditional genealogy research using documents/records. If the companies have any of your distant cousins in their database that you don't know they can match you and advise you. Otherwise I believe this type of testing is being over hyped by celebrities on TV. I have a feeling they don't really understand their results.

    Source(s): If you scroll down on this link it will show you how the Autosomal is passed on from your grandparents.
  • 7 years ago

    Maternal is the one used

  • 7 years ago


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