What do I EV train my pokemon in?

So I just got my first Shiny Pokemon EVER, its a Bellsprout! The issue is, I don't want to mess up the EV Training like I did with, well, every Pokemon I've ever tried EV training. I never know what stats are the best stats for any Pokemon...

So I was wondering, what are the best places for those stats?

Do the areas where you place the points vary based from person to person?

Or is there a "best" way to EV train your Pokemon?

Also, should I base my EV training off of it's Nature? Or maybe its IV's?

Is it a bad idea to reinforce a Pokemon weaknesses with EV's, like say it has a naturally low defense, do you try and balance that out, or is it best to focus on adding to its strengths?

Does it matter what level you start EV training?

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  • 6 years ago
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    This is a great question and it all comes down to a lot of what you prefer. Victreebel has high Atk and SpAtk (5 points higher Atk at base 105) but the first thing before we choose a good path for you is to figure out what nature you have.


    Ideally on Victreebel I run an Adamant Nature (+Atk/-SpAtk). The next thing to figure out of coarse is you want to know your IV spread. Go fly to Kiloude City Pokemon Center and there is a guy in the back left corner to talk to who should tell you how youre IV's stand out. Ideally you want him to say "All the IV's are perfect" or "Best in Attack."

    So now that we have those two out of the way you can base what you should put your stats in. A great start to people unfamiliar is Super Training in nothing but Attack. Also you can buy a bunch of Calcium. In the Super training page you can see your pokemon EV spread. You would want ideall 252 EV's in Attack. The next thing I'd probably put it in is about 120 EV's in Spe and the last in Defence or SpDef.

    The easiest way I found to EV train is to have a pokemon with sweet scent and go into horde battles with the right pokemon so that each give you 1 EV point. The EXP share will share you EV's with your entire party so you don't have to even have Bellsprout out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZhy-G1DVzg

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    Good luck a good site I used is smogon to really learn how and where to apply my EV's until you become comfortable with what you'd put in each pokemon.

    Source(s): 4 years competitive battling.
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    A lot of thinking goes into ev training. First off you have to decide what type of Pokemon it is for example if you had caught a gengar then you would have to ev train it's sp a, sp def & sp. but then again you have to take into account the nature, if it has a beneficial nature then the attrib you ev train for gets a good boost. However if the natures are either neutral or bad natures then it will give you probs. also your gonna wanna get a Pokemon with so called "perfect Iv"

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