What is the difference between kick jitsu and shoot boxing with mma ?

difference in style and matches i mean.

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    My brief search for "kick jitsu" came up with some page in Italian on Wikipedia about a martial art that was added to Italy's kickboxing federation in the 1980's. Upon viewing a video on Youtube of a kick jitsu competition, it appears to be semi-contact kickboxing that allows for throws, pins, and submissions.



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    Shoot boxing is basically kickboxing with throws and standing submissions. It was invented by Japanese kickboxer Caesar Takeshi. It's most prominent in Japan. Unlike kick jitsu, it's full-contact; fighters go for the knockout.



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    I don't know that "kick jitsu" has ANYTHING to do with MMA. It seems like a very small sport, and I can't think of too many Italian MMA fighters. On the other hand, MMA fighters have engaged in Shoot boxing matches, for example Jens Pulver and Hayato Sakurai. So even then, what does Shoot boxing have to do with MMA? Not much.

    Saying that, in the past, I've seen people make the observation that fighters tend to be good at either kickboxing and guard/submission work (Carlos Condit, Anderson Silva, early Kenny Florian, Genki Sudo) or prefer a combination of wrestling and punching (not really true, scientific boxing in most cases- Johnny Hendricks, Randy Couture, Takanori Gomi, Tito Ortiz). I don't really think this distinction holds true, BUT if you're interested in shooting for the takedown, hand techniques are better suited than kicks to set that up, and if you have a habit of throwing a lot of kicks, there's a good chance you'll end up on your back, so you should develop a pretty good guard, and the best place to do that is Brazilian Jiujitsu.

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    Only you know the answer to that question. There is NO such thing as a best martial art to learn. The thing is the best martial art for YOU to learn. For some MMA is the most practical for others it will be jiu jitsu. It all depends on what you want to get out of the particular, as well as your personality. For example if you are an aggresive person and a real bang em up kind of guy MMA would be could for you, while on the other hand if you are more passive then something like Judo would be best for you. Think on this a while, go see all 3 in action and the decision will come to you, especially if you have a chance to participate in them a little bit. Lastly in the end all of the arts are nearly the same because they all use the human body and there is just only so many things the human body can do, and as humans we learn one thing but we adapt and modify it to suit our needs, so yuo may learn jiujitsu but you may at some point incorporate kicks into it because you have long strong legs

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    Kick Jitsu

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    Did you make up the term Kick Jitsu. Never hear of such a thing in my years of martial arts training.


    Source(s): Martial arts training and research since 1967. Teaching martial arts since 1973.
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    Don't know what kick jitsu is.

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    Ya know that is it I cant say what that is it might put in federal warrant arrest.

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