First time playing fantasy baseball, never watched the mlb before, advice?

Me and a friend decided we wanted to get into baseball via fantasy baseball. That's how I got into the nfl. After one season I now know a lot more about teams, players and all that. I'm an expert in fantasy basketball. Anyways, I only know of the superstars in the mlb, so after the first round I had no clue who people were. I just used my experience in basketball and football to make a team so here it is:

Round 1: Andrew McCutchen, OF_______Round 14: Billy Butler, DH

Round 2: Joey Votto, 1B _______________Round 15: Daniel Murphy, 2B

Round 3: Jason Kipnis, 2B______________Round 16: Matt Moore, SP

Round 4: Elvis Andrus, SS______________Round 17: Victor Martinez, DH

Round 5: Max Scherzer, SP_____________Round 18: Wilson Ramos, C

Round 6: Josh Donaldson, 3B___________Round 19: Casey Jenssen, RP

Round 7: Allen Craig, 1B________________Round 20: Christian Yelich, OF

Round 8: Carlos Santana, C_____________Round 21: Khris Davis, OF

Round 9: Mike Minor, SP________________Round 22: John Lackey, SP

Round 10: Mat Latos, SP________________Round 23: Nate Jones, RP

Round 11: Desmond Jennings, OF________Round 24: Yovano Gallardo, SP

Round 12: Doug Fister, SP (Autopick on)___Round 25: Eric Young Jr, OF

Round 13: Shane Victorino, SP___________Added Chris Johnson, 3B

Is this a good team? Capable of winning or at least the top 3? Did I draft certain players or positions too early? Any steals? Who should I add to my watch list that may be in the waiver wire now? Any suggestions would help.

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  • 7 years ago

    Very nice for a first draft! I guess you knew to look for production across multiple categories - you have a lot of solid hitters who are both a power and a speed threat. And you didn't wait til the end to grab pitchers which is good - you snagged some great starters.

    Some updates on your players... Both Minor and Latos are on the Disabled List but both pitched a minor league game recently and will return soon. Fister is on the DL and could miss about a month. Those are the starting pitchers you drafted 2nd to 4th - so you will wanna make sure you don't fall behind on starts. And more problems for your relief pitchers - Casey Janssen just yesterday landed on the DL but he's a stud and in no danger of losing his job. Nate Jones on the other hand has just today lost the closer role and loses the vast majority of his value as he now won't get more than a handful of saves, if any.

    Gallardo was a nice find in Round 24! He's got the talent and the upside to bounce back from a down year and be a valuable member of your rotation. But now that you are facing some serious pitching deficiencies, don't hesitate to drop your other late round acquisitions and add active players who will keep you competitive. Instead of Nate Jones check on the guy who took his job:Lindstrom and Sergio Santos would be solid as well as he fills in for your Casey Janssen. Eric Young Jr won't play everyday so don't worry if you drop him in order to have active pitchers. With 3 of your top 4 SP injured, look to add James Paxton or Hector Santiago, both are owned in under 3% of ESPN leagues but have a ton of potential.

    To answer some of your questions - yes its a good team, and will be better when healthy. Luckily your hitters are a nice mix of high batting average types, sluggers, and speedsters, and haven't been hit with injuries. Could you win the top 3... I think it will depend on your starting pitchers getting back into their grooves. Your hitting will keep you competitive, and the pitching injuries are not serious - so assuming everyone gets back to action without too many setbacks, you could get top 3. You will need to improve a lot in the RP department. I would suggest having 3 - right now you have one who is no longer a closer and one injured. But don't worry, closers are easy to find in free agency if you have patience. Since its a deep league, you might not be able to get closers right away but they do come up.. and in the meantime you could add someone like Joaquin Benoit who will be great until you find your next 9th inning man. Benoit will lower your ERA and WHIP while adding a healthy amount of strikeouts - gives you a consistent RP to send out everyday. Keep up with player news and I'm sure you can patch up your pitching problems and make a run in the playoffs!

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