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What's X-Men days of future past about?

Can someone please explain it to me? I don't really understand what the movie is about.

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    X-Men: Days of Future Past introduces a dystopia alternative future where mutants have been captured and imprisoned in internment camps. Adult Kate Pryde transfers her consciousness into her younger self, Kitty Pryde, in order to warn the X-Men and get them to stop the event that triggers the rise of the anti-mutant movement. At the conclusion of the story, two timelines are formed, one where the dystopian future remains and one where the errors of the past are corrected. Given the unique/different nature of this film, in terms of the combination of the original X-Men cast with the First Class cast, I'm assuming that the "future" will be the present day with the X-Men original cast and that Kitty Pryde will either physically travel back in time to the First Class time period, or send her consciousness into another person's body. Alternate timelines, and time travel in general, can be tricky for storytellers?

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    In 1973 mystigue kills trask thus creating the sentinals, that killed most of the mutants. they send wolverine in the past to try to prevent it. even though in the comics it was kitty who was sent into the past anyway wolverine was sent there to stop mystigue, from killing trask they succeed in doing that in the process erasing the original timeline.

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    Mutants, spandex, bit of future stuff, bit of past stuff.. Sums it up nicely I would say

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    It's about days in the future... that have passed.

    Also there might be some mutants.

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    Mutants with superpowers.

    Where have you been?

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    Blowin' sh*t up, mostly.

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