Men, Is Casual sex worthwhile?

Is it worth going to clubs every night, and having sex with different women occasionally, when you could be doing something productive?

Yes. It's a good desire. It gives you confidence, charisma and sexual experience. And you can't have too much bonding with another human being.


No. it's a reckless, animalistic craving. Sexual fulfilment from it is merely a lie your brain tricks you into believing, so it can serve its biological purpose. You always feel empty and disappointed afterwards.


@stebbern: So just go into a relationship then. You can get all the sex you want, and it will be more intimate (apparently).

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    That is actually a difficult call. I would say in some ways it is and in other ways it is not. A lot of guys would say sure, its fun to have sex with a variety of women. Having been there I can say that practical application is a whole different ball game. After a while, the thrill of sex gets old. I just heard half the men reading this say "no the hell it dosen't" but yes, it really does. The thrill changes as your confidence grows. For me, the thrill wasn't how many women I could sleep with, it was how many women I could get to desire me. In the process, I learned a lot about women. I learned how to read a woman's body to be great in bed. I also learned how they see themselves, how they act towards other women, how easily some hearts get broken and the consequences of doing so. How real "daddy issues" are and how to deal with them.

    Now I'm married with kids and I know how important it is for me to be a dad to my daughter and how important it is to teach my son to respect women. I also know what is outside my marriage and know that there is no benifit to cheating. I don't want to say no, it's not worthwhile because men actually do learn from the experience. On the other hand, some guys can't seem to see past their own fantasies and end up forty, single, and hitting on girls half their age. (and just FYI in the real world girls don't fall for the "old player" routine as often as you would think)

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    confidence, charisma ...... ???? you must be a women or potentially gay man

    men don't think like that ...... we just like to have sex .( there's no mystery or mystique ) .regardless of where we get it ... if the bus stop was full of drunk women , i would go there

    drunk women = better success rate

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    It probably is worthwhile but not for the long run.. you'll end up actually wanting a relationship. Some people don't, most people do.

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