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Can having teeth removed for braces ruin my face?

According to my orthodontist I have severe crowding. I'm 22 so I finally got the motivation and money to get Invisalign.

When my wisdom teeth came in, it made the crowding worse. I got my wisdom teeth out recently, but my oral surgeon said they might have to take teeth out as well as my orthodontist. I picked this orthodontist because he's had the most experience with Invisalign in my area, and people I know that have gone to him had great results and he's well known from towns 45-50 minutes away. No bad online reviews either.

Of course I thought nothing of have teeth pulled to make room, but then I read articles online how it can ruin your facial profile. So I want to know how many people had teeth taken out to straighten them and the result. Did it change your facial profile for the WORSE? But for severe crowding wouldn't it be for the best in my case?

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    As an adult facial growth is complete and damage to the face will be from only the extracting of the teeth. To answer your question It depends on how many teeth are extracted and type of teeth. Pre molars are worser than molar and wisdom for example. You may get the typical sunken profile with a caved in mouth and thin lips if all goes wrong ,but there is no real skeletal profile change

  • 7 years ago

    Well I'm only 15 but I got 5 teeth pulled due to over crowding

    You may think your face looks different but honestly if it changes at all (probably wont) It will be so minor nobody will notice.

    You might talk a little different though! lol

    Good Luck!!

  • 7 years ago

    Kayla, Tiffany, whatever your name was before that and before that.

    I do not understand why you keep asking the question. It's been suggested multiple times to have consultations with other orthodontists to determine if there is other way to do your treatment.

    No one here is going to be able to guess what you will look like after your treatment. You have been asking this questions for weeks. Why haven't you already gotten other opinions?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't worry! I had 8 teeth pulled out due to overcrowding and it didn't change my face at all! I finished my orthodontic process a few months ago and it is definitely worth getting a few teeth pulled out for!

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  • Rene
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    7 years ago

    My daughter had teeth removed to make room and her teeth lined up beautifully. It did nothing to change the shape of her face.. If improved her profile because she had buck teeth and overbite

  • 7 years ago

    You might finish up with a better face than before, overcrowding actually makes your face look a little swollen, although because you are used to it, you probably don't notice it. I think you'll look better with a much more shaped face which your overcrowding distorted.

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