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Should the federal government ever step in to dictate what happens within a state's borders?

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Federalism defines how those relationships will work! Please watch the following clip on the Little Rock 9 and answer the following questions! As you know one the most volatile times in American History was the integration of the public schools. Wow, can you believe we were ever at this place in America?

1) Should the federal government ever step in to dictate what happens within a state's borders?

2) Why do you suppose that integration of the schools caused such an uproar? It seemed that integrating the voting booths and public transportation systems were not quite as volatile!

3) What did you think of Elizabeth Eckford's silence when confronted by the reporter at the bus stop?

4) Finally, what was your opinion of the Arkansas governor trying to use troops to block federal policy?

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    In a federal system power is shared by the federal and state governments. There is always going to be some tension between them. Any state that doesn't want to comply with a federal order will say the fed. govt. is overstepping its power. Slavery itself became a 'states' rights' issue, and 100 years later integration and civil rights was another states' rights issue.

    The Supreme Court decision Brown v Board of Education reversed a longstanding doctrine of 'separate but equal'. This meant that sooner or later integration would be required. But people in the South thought they could get away with what at the time was called 'de facto segregation'. That was a term you heard a lot in those days, i.e. segregation in fact though they just wouldn't call it that.

    Gov. Faubus was a moderate but in the state vs. fed. govt. fight he had to be on the side of the state. He called out the Nat'l Guard, which I think was a mistake. He should have called them out to prevent violence, not to side with segregationists. OTOH George Wallace, gov. of Georgia, actually stood in the doorway of the school himself!

    Faubus needed to be told by Eisenhower that as a nation we were serious about ending segregation, that this wasn't just a motto, that Eisenhower intended to enforce it. Then Faubus backed off. He should have had the local police back off too! And to disperse the mob. You could see from the film that it was very possible that a regular riot could have started, with people throwing bricks, turning over police cars, setting fires, stuff like that. Faubus really didn't know how to handle the situation, and I think he was caring about his political reputation more than about integration or even public safety.

    There would be a lot of these clashes in the next 10-15 years. This was just the first one. It took some time for people to see that no matter what they did, the segregationists were going to lose. But this early in the game that wasn't really clear.

    But I'm rambling.

    1. Yes, the fed. govt. has a right to enforce national standards, including the right of black kids to go to good schools.

    2. Voting was another fight, in fact it still is, with Republicans in purple states even working now to disenfranchise neighborhoods that vote mostly Democratic. Public transportation, of course, there was a famous bus boycott about that. But voting and public transportation had already been integrated.

    3. Eckford didn't know what to say. She was afraid anything she said would have gotten the mob angrier and she sensed that mob violence wasn't far away.

    4. A lot of times politicians back some idea or opinion that they know is wrong and that they know won't stand. Like Gov. Perry of Texas advocating secession, or states passing anti-immigrant or anti-gay laws that they know will be struck down immediately by the courts. This allows them to be on the popular side without having to deal with the actual consequences. So now Faubus could say 'Hey, I tried to stop it!' He could claim to be on the more popular side even if he knew it was the wrong side.

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  • Obviously they SHOULD have, little late now, I am at an age I don't care anymore, let the YOUTH of today worry about the future....they are going to have to pay for all the ILLEGALS that have came into this country....our government doesn't care because THEY don't have to WORK to pay for all they want/take....this government only worries about what THEY also can take from the working people, so they can go on very expensive vacations....they allowed what has happened to this country, they have RUINED their futures....

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