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stilldeveloping asked in PetsDogs · 6 years ago

How long after kennel cough can my pup go to the groomer?

I picked up an old whippet locally for my brother, a few weeks ago. The "breeder" lied about everything regarding the dog (age, vaccinations, having kennel cough, full of worms), but we took the dog because she was 8 and we felt sorry for her. We didn't know she was sick when we took her. Apparently, she vaccinated the dog immediately before giving her to us (to "prove" she was up-to-date), but the vet said she must have already been sick when vaccinated, or acquired it before her body built immunity.

My little yorkie is vaccinated yearly for Bordetella, because he has a collapsing trachea and is prone to respiratory problems. However, he still picked up a mild case of kennel cough. He received a steroid shot, and is just finishing up his 10 days of doxy. How long before I can take him to have him groomed? I read that they can be contagious for weeks.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Veterinary Partner (a professional vet information site were we get all our information to give clients) states for kennel cough: "Dogs are typically sick for 1-2 weeks. Infected dogs shed Bordetella organism for 2-3 months following infection." My boss goes as far as saying that the SEVERE cases (where the dog is sick for months) the dog can be contagious for a year.

    I would call your vet and ask when they think you can go back to the groomer. Last thing you want to do is pass the cough onto another dog, if the dog is elderly it could kill them (ie. not strong enough to fight it off).

    Source(s): I have worked for an animal hospital for 6 years and am currently applying to vet school.
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  • Mama
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    6 years ago

    Call and explain the situation to your groomer. They will tell you when they feel it is safe for you to bring the dogs in.

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  • 6 years ago

    we had the same problem. we took him in after about one month just to be safe.

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