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Was majoring in aerospace engineering at Penn State a bad idea?

I am a junior majoring in aerospace engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. I just want to ask if I chose the wrong school or wrong major while I was in college, because I have not had an internship and I'm really scared that I won't find a job by the time I graduate.

So, I have a 3.7 GPA and I am involved in 3 clubs (I won't name them) and I am planning on doing volunteer research with my professor this summer if I end up not getting an internship. I've been on the Dean's List every semester since I started college. The reason why I majored in aerospace engineering is because of the prestige that I read about on the internet (Penn State's website, and other ranking websites), and because it was Penn State, I've always dreamed of going to Penn State when I was a kid, but I feel changed now.

Ever since I started taking my aerospace classes, all of my professors have told us how prestigious the program is and how much the aerospace companies love us Penn Staters, they tell us that we have the top aero program. However, I go to all the career fairs and every employer seems like they really don't care about listening to my pitch. I literally have friends that are in civil that have 2.8 GPAs, not involved in any clubs, and act like they don't care about anything, and they are getting summer internships. Is the aerospace industry really that bad? Is it just aerospace? What experience do I need? Does living location matter? Any other advice? Did PSU deceive me?

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    According to US News & World Report, Penn State's undergraduate program in aerospace engineering does not make the "top 10" schools in that field. They rank PSU as #25 among undergrad engineering schools, but I couldn't see what rank exactly was assigned to its aero curriculum -- only that the top 10 were the usual suspects -- MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Georgia Tech, and like that.

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace/aeronautical engineeing has a much poorer job outlook than Civil, Environmental, Petroleum, Biomedical, or Software Engineering, and somewhat poorer than Nuclear; though perhaps better than Chemical or Electrical.

    With all of that said...YES, it would make a huge difference where you live! Pennsylvania is not where aerospace engineers are employed. States close to you that offer much better prospects are OH, VA, MD, CT, MA. Again, according to USBLS. Other states with thousands of aeronautical engineers employed are FL, AL, TX, KS, CA, and WA. Okay...good luck!!

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