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Can I remove a grade from my transcript?

Okay so this past summer I took calculus 1 and 2 at the community college in my hometown. I'm an environmental science major with a minor in engineering. I was under the impression that i would have to go on to calculus 3 eventually, so i asked the engineering advisor at my university if I would be able to go on to calc 3 in the fall. She said it would be best to retake calc 2 because it goes more in depth at the university. So i was like sure! That makes sense. I got a C in summer school and ended up getting a D in the fall. It's a private university, so the grade from the community college doesn't count toward my GPA. So I had double credits for calculus 2 and now, to erase that D on my transcript, I'm reREtaking it, but it's going worse than both times before and I found out that my degree won't require calculus 3!!! I just want to be done with calculus!!! I aim to be an environmental engineer. To become one, will calculus (2, in particular) be heavily involved????

Do you think the university would erase that fall calculus 2 grade so that I could drop the one that I am in now, and just have those credits from summer, nothing more??

The deadline to drop a class is Monday and I just don't know what I should do :(

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  • 6 years ago
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    Unfortunately the grade for the course cannot be erased. This is based upon ruled with regional accreditation. Also be aware that while many universities and colleges have an academic forgiveness policy which a course retake will "replace" your grade on the transcript. This also falls into the same category as above where grades cannot actually be deleted. They simply will not be counted towards your GPA at that college.

    While I am not an engineer of any kind, I am friends with several and being able to understand Calculus (all levels) is very important to be able to see issues at both the maco and microscopic levels and help with defining limits of a given situation.

    So, to bottom line it, the only way to get the grade from the community college to "disappear" is to never transfer any credits from that college. But, because you have already done that, your kind of stuck with it. So, if your plan is to stop with undergraduate education, don't stress over it. But, if your plan is to move on to graduate education and you want to look good on a transcript, take, and master, calculus 3. This will show the admission committee that you had issues with it in the beginning but worked hard and overcame it... which is exactly what every grad student goes through.

    Good Luck!!!

    Source(s): Way too much time in upper level education!
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  • Kim
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    6 years ago

    I'm afraid that the transfer grade is permanent. However, your D can be replaced by a later grade at your home university.

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