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April fools prank for my teacher?

My teacher wants us to do an april fools prank on him because no ones every done on of those so can you give me an idea that all of the class can do


Im in his second period

Class is an hour and 10 minutes

Something that me can do before school thats quick and easy please

And can be done by thursday thats not lame

Thank you

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    He's going to be on the look out for tricks since he's asked you to play them. I know we once convinced a teacher that she had all our exercise books for marking and had forgotten to bring them back to class, but he won't fall for that one - probably. We also hid the insides of the piano so the music teacher couldn't get a note out of it when he tried to play. And locked one in the storeroom....... Would another teacher agree to bring a fake message to class to say he's wanted in the Principal's office?

    I once faked a letter from France (I live in the UK) to say that I'd been washed out to sea in our inflatable dinghy and ended up in France so I couldn't come to school that day. I reused a French stamp that I had from a penfriend and got a friend to deliver it while I hid outside the class. Sticking a smelly old fish under the desk where he can't see it might be amusing. Or put a potato on the end of his car's tail pipe. Marbles in the gas tank aren't a good idea - with locking caps it's hard anyway, but you can't get them out, and that's more malicious than a joke. Or if you had time - saran wrap his car so he can't get the door open. That's more a practical joke than an April fool trick though, which is supposed to show ingenuity and make the victim make a fool of himself. Perhaps you could research on Google, although there's no guarantee your teacher won't be doing the same to prepare himself.....

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    Fur covered cat toy mice are very realistic. I once sewed a spool of thread onto the bottom of one, then used the spool to reel the thing in across a lady's desk. She was MAD! It was great!

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