What should I take hiking?

My father owns 17 acres in the north georgia mountains that back up to the national forest. He wants me to go with him someday and hike up his property to the back and then up the mountain in the national forest. I have been up there many times and i know the kind of predators that are up there and we'll b armed so we r good there. I dont think we really plan on camping out but i will bring a tent in case. My question is, what other kind of equipment should we take with us when we go? Remember, we r hiking uphill so i want to try to pack as light as possible. Thanks for any help.


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  • 7 years ago
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    Unless you know that you will be camping out, why burden yourself with a tent? Probably the most important thing to have is a change of socks. A canteen of water would be nice, as would a small first-aid kit and mosquito/tick repellent. And I never go out without a knife, compass, twine, and a means of making fire - - just in case.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you will be hiking for a while I suggest a lot of water I hike a lot and water always seems to go fast, or you can bring a water purifier which is lighter and you purify water almost anywhere! Also bring extra pears of socks if they get wet at all they will rub your feet and it give you blisters. Make sure you bring something light like granola bars to eat if your not going to be camping out. Pretty much just make sure you have the basic stuff you would need to be in the woods for a day, you will get tired so try to bring something soft to sit on just incase!

  • chris
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    7 years ago

    Always have your ten essentials, here is a list,


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