Another Soviet bloc?

I posted this on my facebook (sophomore in college) and I just wanted to see what people here would say. Dont worry, I'm not a person who overdoes political posts or whatever, just occasionally if something is really on my mind.

This is just a hypothetical prediction

Russia has been permanently banned from the G8 (which is now G7 with Canada, Murica, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, UK) and are facing economic and other sanctions from all of the G8 and some other countries. Russia is starting to hurt as a result, but being the 8th largest economy in the world, they may be hoping that their economic situation bounces back to hurt the global economy as well. However, China is still supporting Russia and their connection may become stronger as a result. Russia is working hard to increase its internal economy and build up the Crimea. Facing isolation from the G8, Russia may increase their influence in the middle east to rebound their economy that way, as well as becoming more connected to China. Old satellites of the USSR fear that Russia may pull a "Crimea' on them. Since no country wants to start another world war, Russia may use their state of isolation to create a another Soviet bloc style 'empire' connected to middle east and annexation of parts of old satellites, while maintaining economic ties to China. Like I said, Russia has pretty much gone past the point of no return, so why not continue what they started? No point to stop here.


Since I asked a question last, they have put on character limits for questions! If Russia did continue, would it be likely that US (allied) forces would place themselves in between Russia and other countries, like the Cuban blockade to force Russia to make an ultimatum?

I'm enlisting after 2 more years of college war or not, I would have done so already/ROTC if not for a dislocated right hip from MMA!

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    7 years ago
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    Russia will be back in a big way. They already are. When the "iron curtain" fell it back in the late 80s it wasn't as if Russia voluntarily did a 180 on their political views. They had no choice. Ever since then they've been plotting their return from their little hiatus, and it seems they are ready to make some major moves in order to make it happen.

    They needed a guy like Obama at the helm, a guy with no stones.

  • Kini
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    7 years ago

    Just because there is a country out there in there in the world that is a business competitor with the U.S. is no reason to label them Communist. America has to come to grips with emerging economic powers in the world who want to be capitalist but who dont intend to go to war which is always what the U.S. wants. The U.S. is thousands of miles from any conflict they instigate so they can make Russia the villain.

    I dont think it is just or right what has been done to Russia by the government or by the western media. America is more dangerous because it has unilateral power in the world. Russia has been peaceful for 23 years and what happened in Crimea was legal and democratic, more than you can say for the U.S.

    Dont romanticize the situation. There is not going to be any more combat with American troops. The U.S. has no business getting involved in the Ukraine, much less sending them $1 billion to a bunch of radical right-wing lunatics who seized power illegally.

  • L.T.M.
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    7 years ago

    Ironically, Walmart could foil Putin's plans. China knows which side their bread is buttered on. As (and if) this thing heats up China will back away from Russia. Economically they have too much to lose. They sure as heck don't want lose, say 30% of their customers over this.

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