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I have some question about being a foreign exchange student?

Okay this might be a weird question, but I was wondering how this study abroad thing works and how do I find a host family ect.

Im 15, live in America, and have been studing Mandarin Chinese for a couple of years now. I have been planning on going to college there but thought that maybe I could study abroad in China before I go to china.

I was wondering if anyone knew like how much these things cost, is there any websites that are helpful, just how these kinds things work. I really would like to be in Beijing, but anyplace I guess is okay. I went to china in late march of last year and loved it, I got to practice my Chinese, traveled, and got to see the school system. But now I want to experience it.

Im very serious about this and would very much appreciate serious answers. Thankyou for your future help!

If anyone has anymore question or would like some more details, please feel free to contact be at

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  • 6 years ago
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    Good on you for ur interest in another country, language, & culture!

    U r def. ahead of the curve for ur age, to be thinking about plans like this -- but that's good, too.

    Also, very good to go in h.s. if u think u may want 2 go in college as well, then u'll know!

    There are a bunch of agencies in USA (international in scope, of course), & all they do is overseas student exchange programmes

    Some r high school ages, some college, maybe a few do both

    Apologies for slacking by writing "Google it" (like, overseas student exchange high school etc.) but imo it would help u most to know which ones have connections in your town, u know? CIEE has been around a long time,idk any more about them than than, tho

    Once u find one in ur town with positive reviews, then u can find out if they place kids in the country u want to visit. U should be able through the agency to contact some of their "exchange alumni" kids who've already been & ask them stuff, u know?

    The agency finds ur host family & helps make arrangements for ur financial support at the host family's (if needed), health insurance, high school credits, u get the idea

    They will have info on the cost 2 ur family & if grant$ are available

    When u find an agency, then u can find other families in ur town who sent or hosted a kid & ask them more

    There may even be teachers in your school that were academic sponsors for exchange students

    Pretty exciting! You prob. have a passport already, right?

    Best wishes & have serious fun!

    Source(s): Exchange student in college (not h.s., sorry) one of best years ever
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  • 6 years ago

    "I have some question about being a foreign exchange student?"

    Usually, exchange programmes are offered by colleges or universities themselves to their students, based on their international relations with other schools abroad because in most cases this means you'll be taking a semester abroad instead of your regular semester and thus will be needing the correct amount of points to pass. But, doing it yourself is sometimes also possible.

    Before you do anything though, check with your own school about the possibilities. With a bit of luck, they may even be able to help you on your way.

    "how do I find a host family ect."

    Host families usually consist of families of students who have applied at their school as such. However, not every exchange programme is done with the use of host families. Depending on the school, you could be placed in campus dorms or you'll be placed in/have to look for student housing.

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