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What movie is this from?

Hello guys I've been rambling and recently I came to think about a movie I watched a couple of years ago but that I can scarcely remember for the time being. So this movie is about a man who is apparently attached to an old car (I can't tell the model of the car) The car has something like bull horns attached to the car's bonnet. The man seemed to have the gear shift as his hand also. Half his body was kinda mechanical and moreover it appeared to be attached to the front seat. He killed people using that car. I don't remember quite well, I can barely tell that the car was green (kinda) If someone can tell me what movie is this from I'd be really grateful. Thanks in advance.


Thanks DeeDee I found the one. It was 'The Car' from 1977. Thanks a lot.

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    Here is a list of killer car movies:

    Could it have been The Car (1977) or The Wraith (1986)?

    Look here at "The Car":


    While traveling through the desert nearby the small town of Santa Ynez on their bicycles to camp, two teenage bicyclers are murdered by a mysterious black car. Then the car hit-and-run a hitchhiker and the crime is witnessed by the local Amos Clements. Sheriff Everett puts his men in alert and plans road blocks in the area to arrest the murderer. Sooner he becomes a victim of the car and Sheriff Wade Parent begins hunting the vehicle that is threatening his town and seems to be impossible to locate. When his beloved girlfriend and teacher Lauren challenges the driver in a cemetery, the car hunts her in her home and Wade realizes that he might be dealing with supernatural powers.

    Stars a young James Brolin as Wade Parent.

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