How to make my figure appear smaller?

So, I'm a little bit thick.

Not obese, just have a few extra pounds.

I have a definite hourglass figure with my waist being noticeably smaller than my chest and hips.

I usually suck in my stomach all the time which helps a bit.

I make sure to stand, walk or sit with my back straight and I have my legs crossed or stretched out so they appear slimmer but is there anything else I can do to improve how I look?

(Like of course, I'll probably get "Go on a diet!" or "Exercise!" but I mean how can I dress better to improve how I look in the meantime because I'm already dieting and exercising regularly.)

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    7 years ago
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    15+ Ways to Dress Thinner

    By: SparkPeople Guest Blogger, – Linda Moran Evans, Family Circle

    Style expert and best-selling author Charla Krupp shares easy ways to look thinner, taller, and sexier.

    Trim Your Top Half

    Visually pare arms and chest with these upside tips:

    Live in V-necks -- camis, tees, cardigans, anything and everything. The downward diamond shape elongates you. Just be sure to stop short of major cleavage; it looks tacky at any size.

    Wear a minimizer bra. Seek out styles that dip low in front to go with your V-necks. (If you've never been professionally fitted, do it ASAP at your local department store.)

    To cover less-than-toned arms, pick three-quarter-length sleeves. Check that the body of the shirt or sweater is tapered -- you don't want an allover blousy effect.

    Manage Your Middle

    To slim your tummy, Charla suggests a one-two punch: compression and diversion.

    Buy a pair of high-waisted, supercontrolling shaper shorts, such as Spanx Hide and Sleek Hi-Rise panty.

    Go for jackets with feminine details to draw the eye upward. The best silhouette is fitted at the shoulders and bust and hits at the top of the hip.

    Opt for monochromatic dresses. Styles like a simple sheath or an A-line with no natural break in the center can whittle your waist.

    Click here for more dress tips to help you look thin.

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    6 years ago

    wear loose and white clothing

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    7 years ago

    loose clothing is good

  • 6 years ago

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    6 years ago

    use loose cloth's

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    wear loose clothing

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    6 years ago

    just google it

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