Chart Interpretation appreciated!!?

I've just been feeling really down and hopeless lately. I feel like my chart doesn't allow me the mentality of being happy. I'm think maybe if I know what the problems are and know about my inner self more than maybe I can fix/work on somethings! Any help would be lovely!!

this one may be clearer!!

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  • 6 years ago
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    So you were born on March 14, 1994?

    I essentially agree completely with what Been There has said...

    but I will say one thing: You have Saturn in the first house. People with that placement can have a slow start to life, and so that may, MAY contribute to a certain down & hopeless feeling in the early part of your life (and 20 years old is early). But even more so, transiting Neptune has been affecting your natal Saturn + Mars, and since Neptune can be kind of a confusing influence as it transits, and Saturn (your sense of structure) and Mars (how we take action) would very likely be indicating feelings of a confused sense of self, and uncertainty in what actions to take. So it sounds like you are feeling pretty normal for your current situation. And you may very will feel this Neptune influence even strong this coming Fall. One way to work positively with a Neptune transit is trying any form of creativity or spirituality, but not with a goal in mind. Just to try it. So, you could try meditation (it does not have to be all mystical. There are plenty of simple basic scientific methods of meditation.) You could try to take up Yoga or even Tai Chi or martial arts like Karate or Judo... you could try writing poetry or fiction... drawing... learning a musical instrument... etc etc... Not a lot can get done in a practical sense with Neptune passing over your Mars + Saturn, so don't beat yourself up if nothing seems to be happening.

    In about a year from now, Neptune will have moved on, and transiting Uranus will be affecting your Moon, indicating some emotional surprises and changes.

    There is, of course, much much more to your chart, but I just wanted to address the specific question you asked.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It is important to understand first that your chart is ONLY an influence on you.

    And that the more self-aware you are, the more you see how YOU create your own emotions by what you tell yourself.

    You do have the right attitude though ... we are the only ones who can "fix" ourselves, and the chart is a useful frame of reference for where to direct our attention inward, and to question and observe.

    In our chart, it is the squares and oppositions that create internal conflicts that produce inner tension .. these are shown by red lines that connect some of the planets. And it is the sextiles and trines that indicate parts of our personality that work together harmoniously .. that's shown by the blue lines.

    But contrary to what we might think, we NEED those "red lines" (those difficult "aspects"), because that tension is what creates our drive, and it is our drive that motivates us to take action ... and if that action is constructive action, this is how we become successful in life.

    You have more blue lines than red lines. You chart has more harmony than conflict in it.

    So if you feel you are having a more-than-usual difficult time with yourself, either you are still young, or you are making mountains out of molehills.

    A chart interpretation is not possible on Y/A. It takes about an hour of talking, and it is definitely a two-way conversation. The astrologer knows the inner needs, but you are the one who has to decide how those inner needs drive your behavior and how you respond to them.

    But you CAN look at those aspects and google them. For instance .. Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury square Pluto .. etc.

    Read, think, observe yourself AS you are living your life.

    Observe what you do, because when we do something it is always because SOME part of us wants that .. even when it's something that we consciously think we do not want, we do it because we want to. So our actions are very instructive.

    Also observe your emotions as they rise up in you .. without trying to shut them out. Observe your reactions to those emotions.

    An observe reactions to the ways in which people interact with you, and to how you react to events and circumstances too.

    And compare YOUR observations with what your chart says about you

    We ARE our planets.

    Each planet represents a different inner need.

    The sign it is in indicates the general style for that need.

    The house it is in shows where, in life, you try to meet that need.

    And the aspects between planets (the lines) show you which needs interact with each other, and whether that interaction is harmonious or discordant. Further, they show you how well you handle that need, and whether you tend to express the positive or the negative side (based on the type of aspects) for the sign that the planet is in.

    So start learning what the planets, signs, houses and aspects represent.

    The interpretation is:

    Need (planet) in a style (sign) acts in some area of your life (house) .. harmoniously/discordantly with other needs (the aspects.

    Even with an astrologer feeding you, you are still the one who has to make the connections and see the dynamics operating within yourself.

    In the end, though, the more aware YOU are, the less influence your chart has over you.

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