How does Spotify work?

I just started using it. It seems like you can stream just about anything for free. But how does it compare to iTunes? If I use it, will I never have to buy music again? Can I just save a playlist and sync it to my iPod? (I have an old Nano, not an iTouch or anything like that.) What's the difference between the free version and the premium version?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I am a frequent Spotify user, Premium user as well and I can tell you from experience, it's just so much better than iTunes. You don't have to update it, you don't have to buy gift cards to buy music, you don't have to do anything but download it. It's a free app that doesn't require any money, nor do you have to pay for music. You'll never have to buy music again since it's an oline radio, like iHeart or Pandora. Despite this, you can save your playlists and sync it to any phone/iPod that supports Spotify.

    Plus, if you do happen to get the Premium version, you don't have to deal with ads during your music. It's a bit expensive ($10 a month), but it's worth having hours upon hours of uninterrupted music. The Premium version is also considered more 'mobile'. You can stream the music on your TV (unlike the free version), play it offline, and, you get a thirty day free trial, which means if you hate it, you can just cancel the trial and go with the free version. All in all, I do think Spotify is a much better alternative to iTunes.

  • im not sure, im using it now and don't know how to use it.

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