Trade thoughts? Please help.?

Im in a yahoo H2H weekly league with 10 people. The categories are: R, HR, RBI, BB's, SB's, W, SV, K's, ERA, WHIP, K/9.

I was thinking about offering a trade to a kid my league who has Jed Lowrie as his starting SS. I was thinking about trading Jose Reyes and Yasiel Puig to him and I would recieve Mike Trout. I can possibly pick up Michael Morse or Justin Smoak who may have some bounce back seasons or grab Rajai Davis for some speed.

If you can think of any 2 for 1 trades that involve Jose Reyes for another star player i'm alllll ears.

This is my current team:

C - Matt Wieters

1B - Joey Votto

2B - Ben Zobrist

3B - Evan Longoria

SS - Troy Tulowitzki

IF - Freddie Freeman

OF - Yasiel Puig

OF - Jose Bautista

OF - Desmond Jennnings

OF - Alex Gordon

Utility - Jose Reyes

Utility - Josh Reddick

Bench - Angel Pagan

SP - CC Sabathia

SP - Lance Lynn

RP - Jim Johnson

RP - Ernesto Frieri

RP - Jim Henderson

P - JJ Hoover

P - Dan Haren

P - Yordano Ventura

P - Yovani Gallardo

Bench - Tim Lincecum

Bench - Wade Miley

Bench - Jake Peavy

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  • 6 years ago
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    If you can get Trout for Reyes and Puig, I would do it. Even if you only get Trout and not Lowrie, you are getting a BEAST, this year's first overall draft pick in most leagues, for two guys who go in about the 3rd round. Reyes and Puig are great and I wouldn't rush to get rid of them, but Trout can single-handedly win you all sorts of matchups.

    2 for 1's are usually great since as you said you can add someone else to your team with nice upside who could turn out to be a great contributor. Since you don't have a ton of Elite SP options but rather a nice group of "good not great" arms, I think you are on the right track with offering up your hitting depth in trade. But now is not a good time to trade Puig as his value is low since he is dealing with a mild injury, a sore lower back, but nobody wants to trade for someone with an injury marker next to the name. You should wait for Puig's issue to clear up. I would not want to trade away Bautista, he is simply too dangerous and you would really miss his power when he gets hot. Jennings and Gordon are solid but they are mid round selections, not early round trade bait that could land you Trout.

    If you can't get Trout but want to keep trying I would consider trying for Carlos Gonzalez or maybe McCutchen - but it might not be worth it. Since we;re looking only at outfielders and you are giving up 2 great players, you would have to be adding someone really solid from free agency to make the deal worthwhile. There's nothing wrong with having two elite shortstops as this is an extremely shallow position - if you lose a SS you won't find anyone too exciting in free agency. Since Reddick only hit .226 last year you have another reason to hold more backup hitters.

    However I don't think Pagan is worth a roster spot and I would bet nobody would pick him up if you dropped him. Smoak is at least an exciting player to own as he should only improve upon his 20 Homer season whereas Pagan could help in batting average and add maybe 20 steals - and there are a ton of players just like him on the waiver wire. Just as a comparison, Pagan is only owned in 15% of ESPN leagues whereas Smoak is owned in over 46%. I would drop Pagan and take a flyer on Smoak and see if he shows some power at the start of the season - and if he doesn't you can always move on to someone else. As for Morse, the move to a pitcher-friendly San Francisco ballpark is not going to help him rebound from last year's poor performance so there's no need to rush to add him quite yet. Morse showed his great potential when he hit over 30 Homers in 2011, so be quick to claim him if he starts getting hot but leave him on the wire for now.

    Something else you can try is rather than send offers, talk to the owners, and ask them who they like from your squad, who they would be willing to trade, etc. Everyone values players differently and you might be able to make a great deal depending on what the other owner is looking for.

    Lastly since your league rewards guys who get lots of walks, I wanted to mention Shin Soo Choo. Now at Texas he will only improve upon a very solid 2013. In ESPN he goes about 15 picks after Puig, and yet he finished 2013 with a 20/20 season hittng .285. Now surrounded by a much stronger Rangers offense I would expect him to contribute even more. In a league that rewards walks he is great as he finished 2013 not only with the 3rd most Runs scored which is great, but also 2nd in Walks - even ahead of Trout. His owner probably isn't aware of his hidden value with all those BBs so try to get him on your squad however you can - maybe 2 players for 2 players - see what works.

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  • 6 years ago

    Jose Reyes and Puig for Jed Lowrie and Trout Is a great deal for you. Puig is gonna have his moments but he strikes out too much which loes points. Reyes gets hurt quite often so you might wannaAget rid of him . Ifhe accepts the trade then you should pick up another SS from free agency

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