What can I do to keep my 1999 Nissan Maxima running?

I can't save for a down payment on a new car for at least six months, and I'm worried about my Nissan staying in working order until I can do that. Here are the issues:

171,000 miles

Two bent axles, but nothing at risk of falling apart (tires wear quickly, though)

Unseen oil leaks and leaks from radiator hoses, pretty major

New ignition coils, engine mounts are good, but car is shaking badly and computer says two spark plugs are misfiring

What can I do (cost-effective, efficient) to keep this poor guy running until I can afford a new car?


I bought this car over a year ago for a great price (KBB), but these problems came up as time went on. I've had mechanics tell me not to even bother with maintenance, but I can't believe that's an option.

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  • 6 years ago
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    The WORST thing are your BENT AXLES! They cost about $100 or so REBUILT and labor is MORE! ANSWER>> Take $20-40 to ANY OIL CHANGE PLACE and have them clean your IDLE AIR CONTROL Valve and them add a SLUDGE REMOVER to your engine! This will REMOVE The baked in CRUD and BAD oils from 1999 FORWARD! They AL Made sludge and bake TAR into your engine METALS and RUIN sensors as it does so! NO MORE VALVOLINE EVER! It is a WAX BASED OIL that NO FACTORY USES ANYWHERE! It turns BACK into WAX as it ages, and leaves TAR in your LIFTERS and CHAIN TENSIONERS! NEVER USE IT AGain!<<<THE HERO>> is MOBIL ONE 0W-30 oil! Once you have a CLEAN ENGINE, MOBIL ONE "0"series oils will last for ONE FULL E|YEAR Or 20k miles! TRUELY! AMSOIL makes one that is good for 25k miles or ONE FULL YEAR! If you can PROVE TO PENNZOIL that you have used PENNZOIL ULTRA OIL EXCLUSIVELY< they give a 15 year 500k mil ENGINE WARRANTY! YOUR MAXIMA has a REAL RACING ENGINE init detuned for the STREET! It is NO SLOUCH Inside or out! IT WILL BLOW UP if the CAMSHAFT GEARS lock up with SLUDGE and TAR! It HAPPENED TO ME! LEARN from MY MISTAKE NEVER read ONLY VISCOSITY RATINGS on oil labels !lOOK FOR THE ILSAC< ACEA< and JASO numbers along with GL numbers! The name NISSAN should actually be on the OIL YOU ARE USING! MISFIRE happens when the IAC is CLOGGED UP and CANNOT ADD MORE AIR as the O2 sensors and the computer ASK FOR! TOO LITTLE AIR causes MISFIRES< and the IAC is what FINE TUNES the amount of AIR entering the engiNE! YOU WILL NEVER NEED NEW INJECTORS< but the AIR side of the engine is where ALL TROUBLE BEGINS! KEEP IAC clean and use MOBIL ONE to get FOUR TIMES the engine life EASILY! NO SLUDGE< NO TAR< NO COKE< NO VARNISH = LONGER LIFE! SEE? NEVER USE VALVOLINE EVER or PRESTONE EITHER! NISSAN COOLANT ONLY and POWER WASH engine every 3-4 MONTH to keep ROAD SALT and GRUNGE from baking into your WIRING HARNESSES< and ENGINE METALS! This lengthens MOTOR and TRANS MOUNTS and preserves BELTS and HOSES LONGEST! <<THE THROTTLE BODY can cause SHIFTING POINTS On most FRONT DRIVE CARS! BE SURE it is ADJUSTED PROPERLY! YOU should run to REDLINE in each gear before it SHIFTS! it is an AISIN AUTOMATIC< one of the BEST OUT THERE! MOSt JAPANESE cars are SUPPLIED with them! There is NO SUCH THING as a NISSAN TRANS! <<USE EITHER BOSCH or DENSO IRIDIUM PLUGS In there to get MORE POWER and MILEAGE and to reduce CARBON CONTENT as well! IRIDIUM reacts with LOW SULFUR FUELS at the MOLECULAR LEVEL to burn MORE fuel MORE COMPLETELY! GOOD LUCK!!

    • Peter6 years agoReport

      Holy crap. Thank you. I'll educate myself starting with your advice and see what happens!

  • 6 years ago

    Misfire is not good for emission controls like cat converters. Coils and Spark plugs Nissan coils $170 each spark plugs $11 each then a oil change Maxima last a long time if maintained properly.

  • 6 years ago

    take it to the car repairing center to spend least money to keep it till you change a new one

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