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I need someone to translate this for me. Its in spanish?

Bien I envio marg vergel munguia al rat mi maras ok amr

Ei wei te aviso k cobro el jiro tv papa to do bn

ok mal tarde cotorreamos

please help me Spanish ppl I would appreciate it a lot thank you:)


You think I havnt tried google translate?? Yes I tried translating my boyfriend is Spanish I don't speek Spanish and need to know what was said betwn him this girl. Hes been lying to me I need to figure out wats goin on with him. Yes I know words are not spelled correctly that's why I could not translate any of this.. so please people try to be more helpful thank youuu.

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    HORRIBLE SPANISH! Im not really sure if all those words are in Spanish lol, anyway I am a native Spanish speaker and Im gonna try to help you.

    Bien I envio marg vergel munguia al rat mi maras ok amr (bien,le envio _______________ al rato mi______okay, amor: well, I send you__________________ later my___________okay, love (I don't understand a lot of things there)

    Ei wei te aviso k cobro el jiro tv papa to do bn : Hey"wei", te aviso que cobro el giro tv papá todo bien. : I notice you that I collect the money,tv, dad, everything good (I know that doesn't make sense but it says that)

    ok mal tarde cotorreamos : okay we will talk later.

    If you boyfriend write like that, you should leave him lol a horrible spelling and I can't even understand the whole conversation.

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    its so unpleasantt spanish..

    ok i send him/ her marg vergel munguia later (mimaras) is it ok dear

    hey man i tell you that i charge the money is your father ok?

    ok we talk later.... i didnt find a convincing information

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    either they can't spell or you wrote wrong

    only things I understood was hi, love, hey jackass or dude dad paid tv, everything is good, okay well talk more later

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    There is a very cool free site called Google Translate. Give it a try.

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