I have a infantry contract and I leave for itb April 1st. I want to be a rifleman or assaultman?

I'm not the best hiker. I know for a fact I'll fall back as a machine gunner. I'll be motivated as hell knowing I'm carrying an AT. What's the top of the class usually get as far as MOS goes

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    The Corps doesn't use the assaultman as anti tank any longer, they are pretty much used for breaching and added firepower on the bad guys' fortified emplacements....as an 0351 you'd be humping with the 0311's, and you'll be carrying a 16/M4 too. At ITB a lot depends on which slots are open and how many The Corps needs at the time your class graduates. But generally speaking if you let it be known loud and clear that you have a preference and then back it up by showing well they'll try to get you what you want...don't be afraid to campaign for it. To get top in the class, just like in boot you have to be a badass stud and all around good little leatherneck....and they get 1st dibs on any MOS that is available for that class.

    p.s. if you really want 0351 when you check in at SOI/ITB ask if your class has any 0351 slots available. Sometimes that class may not but maybe the next one does....then you have to convince them to let you wait...it has been known to happen. Personally my feeling is if you are going to be infantry be a rifleman. BTW I campaigned for 0311 at ITB and got it.

    Source(s): a U.S. Marine vet who spent 11 months in Iraq in 2004-2005 (1/3, 1st Mar. Div., attached to 31st MEU), mostly in that shithole known as anbar province. I am now a multi degreed engineer working for America's largest defense contractor.
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    What's an "assaultman"? I know what a rifleman, grenadier, gunner is but not an "assaultman"?

    Source(s): Former member Canadian Army Reserve Infantry
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