2000 e46 323i clicking sound?

I noticed that my car had low motor oil so i bought 2qtz of 10w30 mobil at a autoparts store. I drove it to school. When i got off school approx 4hrs later my car started doing a clicking sound. It seems its coming out of the engine. When I rev the engine, the clicking sound gets louder. What do you guys might be the problem. Is it bad if I keep driving my car. Thnx in advance

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  • 6 years ago
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    JEEZO PEETS! You cannot use REGULAR MOTOR OIL from the local AUTO STORE in a BMW! You MUST use only GENUINE GERMAN GRADE FULL SYNTHETIC OIL IN THERE! This is NOT a LUMINA, a BUICK, or a PINTO, or even a CAVALIER HERE! This is a REAL GERMAN ENGINE that is a WORK OF ART as well! YOU WILL RUIN THIS ENGINE with REGULAR GRADE MOBIL EVEN!. This car can last for 500k miles IF YOU DO THINGS RIGHT! MOBIL ONE 0W-40 FULL SYNTHETIC OIL is a LONG LIFE OIL that BMW approves of! NO VALVOLINE EVER in a EURO engine! It has OIL SPRAY JETS in it and OIL PRESSURE RELIEF valves in the CYLINDER HEADS! It is NOT A YUGO either! Get a REAL EURO TECH to examine this for you! YOU CANNOT USE PRESTONE IN THERE EITHER! Only PENTOSIN fluids and COOLANT can be used! NO PRESTONE NOT EVER! BMW has HYDRAULIC CHAIN TENSIONERS and HYDRAULIC LIFTERS! Newer ones even have VARIABLE VALVE LIFT and AL have VARIABLE CAM TIMING! DO NOT RUIN THIS ENGINE WITH JUNK OIL from the local AUTO STORE! AMSOIL< PENTOSYNTH and PENnZOIL ULTRA EURO are OKAY to use, MOBIL ONE 0W-40 is EASIEST to find and use! CHANGE IT ONCE A YEAR! Right now you have a clogged up IDLE CONTROL VALVE and T body and a JAMBED UP OIL Separator VALVE! STOP GOING TO LOCAL BARGAIN OIL CHANGE PLACES! You will BE VERY SORRY when your engine STOPS as WAX BASED OILS fill your engine with TAR, SLUDGE COKE and VARNISH! DO NOT RELY ON VISCOSITY RATINGS ALONE! THis is B.S>! READ manual! Use ILSAC< ACEA< and JASO ratings and GL numbers~! ONLY OIL THAT SAYS,"BMW LONG LIFE -01 and LONG LIFE -04" CAN BE USED IN THERE!! OIL good for PUSH ROD ENGINES can KILL A REAL engine like this one! You have VANOS variable valve timing! A REPLACEMENT CAM GEAR is over $450 and your GUIDE RAILS can dissolve from BAD OI LUSE! THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING! PLEASE be smart and READ YOU MANUAL ABOUT OKAY fluid types, and OIL RATINGS! I HAVE RESTORED plenty of BMW engines from ALL DIFFERENT YEARS and MODELS! TRUST ME HERE! GET A MOTOR FLUSHING DONE and use ONLY REAL EUROPEAN APPROVED OIL With LONG LIFE designation on it! BY NOW you wil TONS of sludge in there, and a SERIOUSLY INJURED CRANK VENT system! Your engine will CLOG UP and have LOTS OF EXPENSIVE repair work to do! A EURO CAR is as ADVANCED as NASA is in AERONAUTICS! THE TICKING is LIFTERS or CHAIN TENSIONER that has got SLUDGE BAKING INTO IT! YOU DO NOT NEED NEW LIFTERS EVER! B-G makes a GREAT engine sludge remover and so does AMSOIL! If you were in MICHIGAN I WOULD DO THIS FOR YOU! rgmuske@yahoo.com 248-818-6747! BYE NOW!DO NOT TRUST OIL CHANGE PLACE with this car ALL FLUIDS come from PENTOSIN COMPANY! OPEN HOOD and FIND OIL LEAK! YOu will have a CLOGGED UP OIL SEPARATOR VALVE for SURE! Nearly ALL BMW engiNE had CLOGS when WRONG OIL WAS USED! There is an UPDATE KIT called the WINTER PACKAGE for BMW engines with NEW DIPSTICK TUBE< hoses, and FILTER for the FLAME TRAP! GO TO BMW DEALERSHIP! DO NOT RUIN THIS ENGINE WITH BAD OIL! READ MOBIL ONE 0W-40 oil label! It will read BMW approved LONG LIFE! REGULAR MOBIL OIL cannot be used EITHER for very long! TAKE CAR to FOREIGN TECHNICIAN that UNDERSTAND these things best! TICKING will NOT get better til you get a FULL DE-SLUDGING DONE! STUCK LIFTERS or STUCK CHAIN TENSIONER or BOTH! IF this car is USED< you have NO CONTROL over what the previous owner DID TO IT! YOU CAN CHANGE THINGS NOW and for the future! POWER WASH ENGINE or drive over OIL CAHNGE PIT for LEAK DETECTION! BYE NOW!

  • 6 years ago

    Collapsed hydraulic valve lifter. Two quarts low on oil could have ruined the engine.

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