How did the the American frontier promote democracy & individualism?

I'm writing an essay for my American history class and I could use some help finding reliable sources of information to put into it. The prompt:

How did the frontier promote democracy & individualism? Address ideas and cultural practices that developed on the frontier including religion, politics, and division of social classes. Does American society still promote democracy and individualism? Why or why not? keep in mind the regions. Give specific examples.

what I'm really looking for are some examples and sources to write with, if you'd like to put in your own opinions that'd be great too. thanks!!!

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    Promoting democracy at the time of the frontier - that's a bit of a stretch. It's hard to see how the frontier promoted a process for coming to collective decisions by involving everyone in the electorate. Of course, "it didn't promote democracy for these reasons" would be a valid response to the topic and might be more interesting to both write and read.

    Promoting individualism - if you didn't like your neighbours, you could just move to "unoccupied" land beyond the frontier. I put unoccupied in inverted commas because the view at the time was that the land was empty, because the original inhabitants weren't counted.

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