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asap what are subatomic particles made of?

what are subatomic particles made of? please help asap!!!

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    Obo is close. Electrons are indeed fundamental particles and not made of anything smaller. Protons and neutrons are composed of quarks which are also fundamental particles (as far as we know). A proton is composed of two up-quarks and one down-quark, while a neutron is composed of two down-quarks and one up-quark.

    Up-quarks carry a charge of +2/3, while down-quarks carry a charge of -1/3. Hence a proton has a charge of +4/3 + (-1/3) or +1. You can do the math to see why a neutron has a no charge.

    The quarks are held together not by the weak force, but by the strong force. The strong force, as the name suggests, is a strong force with a short range. The strong force extends only slightly farther than the proton or neutron. This extended strong force is called "residual strong force." The residual strong force is what holds the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus. The residual strong force provided by neutrons, along with the residual strong force from the protons, is sufficient to overcome the repulsive force due to the positive charges of the protons and keep the nucleus from flying apart.


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    electrons aren't made of anything they're fundamental particles.

    Neutrons and Protons are made up of quarks.

    All subatomic particles are held together by gluons and weak force.

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