Do you think Church and State should be in favor of separation?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The constitutional precept of separation of church and state only goes in one direction, from the state to the church. The U.S. Government cannot and does not actively endorse any one particular religion.

    There is no law that forbids the members of a religion from working for the state, voting in elections, running for office, or (legally) influencing our elected leaders.

    If one were to enforce a separation of church and state from the church to the state then over 90% of Americans would be excluded from most of the rights of citizenship.

    The Most Sacred of All Property: Religious Freedom and the People of Maryland: A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland

    With love in Christ.

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    7 years ago

    Separation has many definitions. The recent Supreme Court decisions making clarifications and exceptions to the multiple popular ideas of separation is adequate.

    Both Church and State should support the dignity of a person to express his faith or atheism as his conscience dictates with rare and cautious interference by the State.

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    7 years ago

    THe separation was asked for by Religion !! Did you know that ?

    And historically 99% of the offenses were by the State ? Did you know that ?

    The separation is to make sure that government does not 1) spy on people, 2) persecute groups it doesn't like by means of taxing authority, and 3) and makes CONSCIENCE supreme, as the Founding Fathers demanded.

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    7 years ago

    Jesus did not involve himself in the politics of his day, his first century followers did the same, when Constantine came along he needed a way to unite his empire so he used a deeply corrupt and apostate form of Christianity, he made this religion his "state" religion gave his church tax breaks, ignored the complaints made against the bishops, sound similar, take their wealth, it is time for some pay back!

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    7 years ago

    The country was not designed that way, so why should I want it. After all, how does one take the Eternal God out of the 2nd nation of God and expect its fate to be any different from that of the 1st nation of God?

    You might want to check out real history in 1789, not wikipedia fiction. Trying understanding the frist laws passed by the 1srt congress, and read the first prayer before the first session began.

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    7 years ago

    Oddly phrased question but the point of the separation of church and state is good because "Church" doesn't cover ONE CULT or ONE SECT but THOUSANDS of sects of Christianity alone.

    The initial separation of church and schools dates back to the 1800's when Catholics were being grossly discriminated against by the Protestant Majority.

    They don't like talking about that...

    THE VERY FIRST LAWSUITS regarding taking "God" out of the classroom were based upon how Protestants denied Catholic Children access to school, some classes, or were taught that the Vatican/Catholic Church was the "Whore of Babylon" spoken of in the bible and that the Catholic Church was evil and they were deceiving children when they taught them their pagan virgin worship.

    The Anti-Catholic Discrimination reached the point where it led to riots and Catholic Priests were dragged from the churches and TAR AND FEATHERED. And not the cute childrens-show "Tar and Feather" where they pour honey on the person and toss feathers but the REAL TAR AND FEATHER where they poured scalding tar over a man and covered them in garbage as the heat from the tar causes the skin to bubble and fall off and the person dies of asphyxiation and burns.

    Church and State need to be kept separate BECAUSE each cult and each sect of each cult wants to be the State Supported Cult of Choice and allowed to discriminate against the rest...

    Hell, the very notion of the US being a "Christian Country" dates to the 1970's. Jimmy Carter was the first "Christian President" because before then, there were no "Christians", there were Catholics, Lutherans, Protestants, etc. etc. etc. and they were DISTINCT ENTITIES.

    I find it disturbing how short the memories of "Christians" are when MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS were alive when JFK was elected as the first Catholic President and that was a SCANDAL because non-Catholics were afraid that he'd make the US a "Catholic Nation" and that he'd allow non-Catholics to be treated the way that they'd treated Catholics in the past.

    Only after Non-Christians became a political force in the US did it become a "Christian Country" and if most "Christians" knew what the cults that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann ACTUALLY BELIEVED IN, the extremist nutter sh*t about killing gays and bigotry, they'd be appalled! The fundamentalist evil in various Christian sects is astounding but because they can hide under the umbrella of "Christian", no one digs very deep because to expose their insanity is to bring back the separation of sects and that screws with the votes!

    The Separation between Government and Cult is as vital as getting cult members treatment for their mental illness.

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  • 7 years ago

    The separation of state from the always good. The separation of church from the never a good thing (ie: adolf hitler, stalin, roman empire) of course i'm speaking of the real church of Jesus christ. God loves you....

  • Velma
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    7 years ago

    If one is to de deprived of their Rights because of a certain Belief...then ALL, including atheists, will be under the gun of being deprived of their Rights....If it comes to a vote atheists are very definitely WAAAY in the minority!

    Blessing all with fearing God for He has the last word!

  • 7 years ago

    Np, not to the extent its been taken. I see nothing wrong with it together.

    And its the atheists that have such a problem with it, not Baha'is, not Muslims, not Jews. atheists.

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